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Scroll down the homepage to learn more about the daily commute of Smith Island students and going to school at Ewell  Elementary School.............Scroll down the homepage below for a Public Notice to parents of  former Special Education students and former Special Education students......... The last day of school for students is now June 15.  Students will attend school on June 14 and June 15 for a half day. Look below on this Homepage in News and Announcements for more information. ............."Somerset County (Commissioners) have allocated $1,824,000 in FY 2017 and will commit $7,383,000 over the next four fiscal years to see the (J.M. Tawes) project to completion."  Look below in News and Announcements for more details.
Full Continent-BOE/JMT Volleyball Team-Present Champions
Deputy Superintendent of Schools Tom Davis recognizes a WAHS student for Academic Excellence.
Somerset Intermediate School  student shows coin and card sent by servicemen and women honoring his generosity and respect for them.
2016 SCPS Secondary Teacher of the Year Ginger Wilson with Principal Chantal Russum.
The students pictured here with their parents have been recognized for Academic Excellence.  They are both talented art students as well.
WAHS  art winners of Wicomico County Federated Women's Club art contest.
2016 SCPS Teacher of the Year Kolby Noble
Graduating seniors and student Board Representatives received recognition from the Board for their services during the 2015-2016 school year.
PAE student shown with her teacher and the Superintendent.  She was recognized for Excellence in Art.
At the Teacher of the Year Luncheon on May 24 shown left to right, Deal Island Elementary Principal Ted Gibson, Teacher of the Year Kolby Noble, retired science teacher Pat Davis, Deputy Superintendent of Schools Tom Davis and Board Chairman Warner Sumpter.
Tawes Construction students putting on siding, nearing completion.
WAHS art student was honored by the Board for Outstanding Achievement in the Art Expo.
This WHS student will attend Washington College in the fall.  She is recognized by guidance counselor Greg Montresor.
Combined BOE and JMT Volleyball Team celebrates new contest between worksites.  Outstanding wellness activity.
This PAE student was recognized by the Board at its May meeting for Excellence in Art.
Tina Taylor with cheerleaders, Ravens' Executive, mascot and other finalists being honored for outstanding service to the school and community.
SIS student with her state recognized project for National History Day on the Civil Rights activist Ruby Bridges.
Delegate Charles Otto recognizes a WHS students at the Senior Awards Assembly.
Mother and daughter celebrate achievement at the Student Recognition program. The student is noted for her work on STEM projects and competitions.
WAHS Board Representative with her mother at the May Board meeting.
Mark Bushman of the Ward Museum, Viola Smith from the Somerset County Health Department and  Nicole Ramirez of the UMES 4-H were honored by the BOE shown in the background for their work with the SAILS program.  To the left is program coordinator Tony Bevilacqua and to the right is the Superintendent of Schools Dr. John Gaddis.
WHS student with her teacher and the Superintendent.  She was honored by the Board given Special Recognition for her work in the Art Expo.
Academic Excellence is the goal and reality for this student.
Students at SIS show completed National History Day project on the cotton gin.
Crisfield Academy & High School Teacher of the Year and Secondary Education Teacher of the Year Ginger Wilson, at the center with her administrators.  
Carter G. Woodson Elementary School Choir performed for the assembled people at Student Recognition.  They were outstanding as was indicated by the response from the audience.
WAHS student was presented with a certificate of Special Recognition by the Board at its May meeting for her work displayed in the Art Expo.
Dr. Ben Carson Scholarship Winners- Crisfield Academy and High School
Left to Right- WAHS art students, their teachers and the Superintendent.  The students were honored by the Board for Outstanding Achievement as participants in the Art Expo.
Crisfield Academy & High School Principal Chantal Russum talks with Channel 47 reporter Julian Sadur about Smith Island students.
WAHS Volleyball Team- Demonstrating serious "Jag Power."
CAHS Board Representative at the Board meeting with her father.
WHS Millionaires Club at Personal Finance Challenge in Timonium.
Chairman Sumpter and Teacher of the Year Kolby Noble in Baltimore at the TOY State Board Recognition.
WAHS social studies teacher- volleyball team captain Vestina Davis and BOE Human Resources Generalist and BOE/JMT captain Paige Larmore admire trophy prior to the contest.
CoachGreg Bozman being interviewed by TV 47 Reporter Julian Sadur.  Topic: Smith Island students he coached.
J.M. T. Criminal Justice students shown with teacher , Superintendent and the Director of Schools.
Several students received awards, recognitions and scholarships at the annual Washington High School Senor Awards Banquet and Assembly on Wednesday May 25.
Foreign language teacher Anna Breland spoke to the TV 47 crew about Smith Island students who attend CAHS and her initial amazement about how they have to travel to school.
Channel 47 reporter Julian Sadur interviewed student at Ewell Elementary School.
Elementary student accompanied by mother and grandparents at the Student Recognition program.  She was recognized for Academic Excellence.
Somerset Intermediate Choir engaged the audience with outstanding singing.  Parents and students responded with a thunderous applause at Ella Fitzgerald Center for the Performing Arts.
Board Chairman Sumpter shown conversing with retired educator Pat Davis and her daughter Kolby Noble 2016 TOY.
WAHS Science Teacher Tina Taylor shown at M&T Bank/Ravens Stadium being recognized for outstanding service to her school community.
Left to Right-Art Teachers honored by the Board at its May meeting including Sarah Perdue, Laura Perry, Robin Daniels, Matt Shockley and Scott Smith.
Smith Island student at CAHS shares interesting adjustments that she and her fellow island students have to make to get up early and make the 10 mile ride by boat to come to school.
Somerset County Teacher of the Year Kolby Noble was recognized with her peers before the state Board on May 24. 
At the TOY State Board Recognition-Chairman Sumpter, Ms. Noble, Mrs. Davis and Mr. Gibson.
Rebecca Pratte's 3rd grade class-  For the 4th year in a row a Deal Island Elementary class raised the most money in the school system for the Zoo It fundraiser  and will get a VIP trip to the Salisbury Zoo, a pizza party lunch, and a special souvenir from their visit.
Ewell Elementary School student enjoyed talking to reporter about her experience as a student on Smith Island.
PAE student was recognized by the Board at its May meeting for Excellent in Art at the Art Expo.
Woodson Elementary student with Dr. and Mrs. Ben Carson.  The student is a Carson Scholarship winner.
Delegate Charles Otto presents award to WHS student at Senior Award Banquet and Assembly on May 25.  This student will attend West Point.
Student congratulated by Board Chairman Warner Sumpter and Board member Robert Wells at the Student Recognition program.
Smith Island student talks about how she makes arrangements to participate in extracurricular activities.  See her comments on News and Announcements.  Click on the link. 
2016 WES Dr. Ben Carson Scholarship Recipient with Dr. and Mrs. Carson.
Students receive recognition at the WHS Awards Assembly.
Meeting held to discuss further local, state and Maryland Hunger Solutions initiatives within our school system.  
Family is proud of son's achievement.  He was recognized at the Student Recognition program.
Ewell Elementary school featured on a news story on May 25, 2016 on Channel 47. 
Our talented art teachers-(L-R)-Matt Shockley, Robin Daniels, David Simpson, Laura Perry, Scott Smith, Sarah Perdue, and Jeremy Holland
Somerset Teacher of the Year Kolby Noble with a certificate presented by the Maryland State Board of Education.
SIS student and his National History Day project.
2016 CAHS Dr. Ben Carson Scholarship Recipients

News & Announcements

Smith Island Students Travel in a Unique Way to School-They Master the Challenges

Channel 47 report Julian Sadur writes, "For most kids going to school involves catching the bus or a short walk, but what happens when you have roughly 10 miles of water separating you from the school… well, you boat. That’s the reality that the students of Smith Island, MD. face every day from the time they enter eighth grade to the time they graduate high school." Click on the title for more information.

Public Notice For Parents Of and Former Special Education Students

In accordance with local educational policy, all confidential records of Special Education students may be destroyed 8 years after a student leaves the Somerset County Public School System or when, under IDEA 2004 they are no longer needed to provide educational services to the child. Click on the title for further details.

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