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Black History Month!!!!.....¬†¬†Scroll down this homepage to see events at Somerset Intermediate celebrating Black History Month. under News and Announcements..........Also,  scroll down this homepage to see what the teachers at Greenwood Elementary are doing for Black History Month under News and Announcements..
Princess Anne Elementary School fifth graders prepare profiles for Black History Month. Althea Gibson, Rosa Parks, Ben Carson  and Kolby Bryant are among the profiles.
Woodson Elementary School student is the top speller at the school.  He will compete in regional competition at Scripps National Spelling Bee on March 5 at UMES.  
Washington Academy and High School Spelling Bee Winner- See him compete at UMES on March 5 at Ella Fitzgerald at 10:00 A.M.
Greenwood Elementary School counselor Stephanie O'Hara
Somerset Intermediate School students participate in a PBIS incentive.
Judy Center Coordinator Karen Karten shares with National Honor Society students at WHS how important the books are they donated to help build home libraries.  This is one of many NHS initiatives.
Students show enthusiasm at Washington High School PBIS special activity.
At Woodson Elementary School Library Foundation Committee Chairperson Linda Riggin and Superintendent  Dr. John Gaddis pose with # one student fundraiser.
Deal Island Elementary School  student is school's champion speller.  Join this student and other students from seven of our schools at Ella Fitzgerald Center on March 5 at UMES.  The competition begins at 10:00 A.M.
WAHS Outstanding Speller-He will compete in regional competition at UMES on March 5.
Deal Island Elementary School combined 4th and 5th grade class was the number one fundraiser at the school for the Somerset County Library Foundation.  Library Trustee Tom Brice and Principal Ted Gibson are shown with the students.
Warner Sumpter renamed Chairman of the Board of Education. Penny Nicholson named Vice Chairperson. The Board made these selections at its January meeting.
Princess Anne Elementary School staff members, students and community members raised over $10,000.00 for United Way.   Several staff members pictured....100% of staff donated to United Way.

Janice Cottman is school counselor  for J.M. Tawes Technology and Career Center and Somerset Promise Academy.

Powerful messages at Deal Island Elementary School.
Somerset Intermediate Spelling Bee Winner.  She will compete in the regionals on March 5.
Students in Kolby Noble's class at DIS working on the Math Bowl.  This is a national contest.  Presently Deal Island students are 3rd out of 239 entries nationwide. 
President Barack Obama
Somerset Intermediate School teacher Jennifer McDorman with her  homeroom and second period science class.  These students were the #1 class at SIS in raising money for the Somerset Library Foundation.

Washington Academy and High School counselor Greg Montresor, guidance administrative associate Janie Webster and counselor Chari Jones

Somerset Intermediate School Spelling Bee Winner-He will be one of 14 SCPS students competing on March 5 at UMES.
This student was the #1 student fundraiser at Deal Island Elementary School for the Somerset County Library Foundation.
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Princess Anne Elementary School Principal Cortney Monar and United Way Donor Coordinator Chelsea Micka are shown with students celebrating the school's record breaking donations to United Way.
Washington High School National Honor Society members present four boxes of books to be used by the Judy Center to help families establish home libraries.  Judy Center Coordinator Karen Karten is shown 4th from the left.
Somerset County Teacher of the Year-Melodi Power
Denny McLeod's art decorates the lunchroom in the  kitchen area at Greenwood Elementary School.
Student Board of Education members for 2015-2016.
Mila Tolley is the school counselor at Somerset Intermediate School.
Greenwood Elementary student is top fundraiser for Somerset County Library Foundation at the school.  Left to Right - GES teacher Christina Martinez and principal Cheryl O'Neal
Woodson Elementary School Students  shown as the top  class fundraiser for the Book It Campaign for the new Crisfield Library.  Pictured left to right are Superintendent Dr. John Gaddis, principal Lilly Welch, paraprofessional Betsy Butler, second grade teacher Susan Finlayson and Library Foundation President Linda Riggin.
Woodson Elementary School student is one of the best spellers in the school.  Come see her compete at Ella Fitzgerald Center at UMES on Saturday March 5 at 10:00 A.M.
Somerset Intermediate School National Junior Honor Society officers present report to the Board on the importance and functions of the NJHS.  Adults pictured from left to right are principal Brandy Brady and media specialist Pam South.
Bulletin Board at Crisfield Academy and High School depicting famous African Americans who have contributed to our country and are contributing now.
Mount Rushmore honoring Presidents Washington, Jefferson, T. Roosevelt and Lincoln.
Professional Food and Nutrition Staff Workers -Left to Right- Cora Ward and Ardella Ballard-Ms. Ballard managed Somerset High, Somerset J. High and Washington High cafeterias.
Deal Island Elementary School student is outstanding speller.  He will compete at the regional spelling bee at UMES on March 5.
Faith Daum serves as school counselor for students in grades eight through twelve at CAHS.
Oprah Winfrey honored during Black History Month at Princess Anne Elementary.
Princess Anne Elementary School student is a finalist in Fair Housing Poster Contest.
Somerset County Sheriff's Department Color Guard
Woodson Elementary School counselor Mary Atkinson
Somerset Intermediate students participated in White House STEM initiative on Wednesday, January 13.
Princess Anne Elementary 5th graders profile Rosa Parks during Black History Month. 
Another successful Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD)  project.  SADD raised $10,000 for Brad's (Mason) Room of Knowledge in the new library building in Crisfield.
This student is one of two spelling bee champions at Princess Anne Elementary School.
At Deal Island Elementary School Kolby Noble's class is engaged in a fundraiser to help fight  childhood cancer.
This Princess Anne Elementary  spelling bee champion will represent his school on March 5 at UMES.
Kelly Holland Crockett's 3rd grade class at Princess Anne Elementary School was the top fundraiser at the school for the Somerset County  Library Foundation. Left to Right Library Trustee Board Member Tom Brice, Principal Cortney Monar and Vice Principal Robert Hopkins.  

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Art & Wellness

Art & Wellness

Art & Wellness Night will be on Tuesday, March 1 at Princess Anne Elementary School from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Click on title to learn more about the event.

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GreenSheet Link

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