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Dorothy Bell-Jackson-Assistant Principal at Greenwood Elementary School.

Brother and sister with their mother at Greenwood Elementary School.

President of the Princess Anne Town Commissioners and Director of the Hayward Center, Garland Hayward waits at GES early on August 29 to greet his grandchildren and members of the center.

Left to Right- WAHS school counselors Chari Jones and Gwendolyn Hicks work with a student on his schedule the first day of school.

Woodson Elementary cafeteria manager Kim East shown working with the students.

Deal Island Elementary School nurse Gloria Jones.

Mother and her child coming to school at GES.  An infant is in the stroller.

Beautification at Greenwood Elementary School.

Teachers, a paraprofessional, an FNS manager and an IEP clerk were hired at Princess Anne Elementary School.

Supervisor of Transportation Michael Bartemy monitors bus traffic and related schedules on day one of school for 2016-2017.
Parents are  checking their students'  class schedules in the lobby of Princess Anne Elementary School with the assistance of the new IEP clerk Regina Holmes.
(Left to Right)-Supervisor of Student Services Tracey, SIS Principal Brandy Brady and SRO Corporal Ray Johns on the first day of school.

Newly formed Washington High Alumni Association paid for paint, rollers and brushes for members of the field hockey team, soccer team and football team to paint the chain link fence parallel to the tennis court at WHS.  Faculty members Coach Erica Henderson and social studies teacher Vestina Davis worked with the students for several hours.

Floor repainted and refinished at Greenwood Elementary School.

Jaguars keeping  watch over the front office at Washington Academy and High School.

Marion Sarah Peyton School houses the Somerset Promise Academy and the Somerset Transition Program.   Staff and students were fully engaged on opening day. 

Crisfield High School band members shown with director Heather McHenry at the Opening Staff Meeting on August 23.

Wendy Hickman has been hired as a one on one assistant at Crisfield Academy and High School. Nicholas Niser was  also hired as 12 month custodian at the school.

Princess Anne Elementary School Principal Cortney Monar displays signs for parents and students the first day of school.

 Cheryl O'Neal- Supervisor of Special Education.

Jennifer Jones will teach a variety of special subjects at Deal Island Elementary School.

Terra Taylor - Assistant Principal at Woodson Elementary School.

New PC Technician Cody Whittington preparing laptops for the schools.

 This Greenwood Elementary student is ready for school.

Left to Right- Greenwood Elementary School Principal Ashley Walters and Assistant Principal Dorothy Bell-Jackson form the new administrative team at the school.

SEA President  Vestina Davis speaks about students, staff and successful negotiations.

Princess Anne Elementary School Office manager Vicki McLeod busy at 8:31 AM on the first day of school.

New administrators, a 3rd grade teacher and a paraprofessional join the Greenwood Elementary School Staff.

Father and his daughter on the first day of school at SIS.

 Lilly Welch - Supervisor of Reading, World Language & ELA (K-12). 

Joyce Standford serves as the school nurse at Washington Academy and High School.

Princess Anne Police Chief Tim Bozman at Greenwood Elementary.

Deputy Superintendent Tom Davis speaks words of encouragement to school system employees.

Parents and students going to school on the first day at Greenwood Elementary.
The early morning sun shines on SIS on the first day of school on Monday August 29, 2016.
Woodson Elementary art teacher Robin Daniels talks to her students on the first day of class. 

Elementary educators at orientation.

Career and Technology students arrive at JMT for their first morning class of the year.

The legislative delegation, Board of Education members, town councilmen and town commissioners, law enforcement leadership and school system leadership welcome the SCPS employees back for another school year.

CAHS science teacher Richard Warren poses with a group of teachers new to the school system.

Students arriving at Princess Anne Elementary School the first day of school.

SCPS Teacher of the Year Kolby Noble with her class on the first day of school.

Deal Island Elementary School office manager Wanda Benton is working in her 47th year at the same location.  Prior to the elementary school, an original building on the same site housed Deal Island High School which she attended.

New Central Office employees.

SPA/STP employees bring much experience to their positions.

New employees at Somerset Intermediate School

Somerset County Sheriff's Department Color Guard at the SCPS Opening Staff Ceremony. 

Board Chairman Warner Sumpter compliments the staff and the system on it recent accomplishments.

Adult Education staff Val Guetens, Deborah Nicolle, Heather Necessary and John Robertson. 
(Left to Right)- WHS Student Government Association Vice President and President spent several hours recently before the first day of school school cleaning certain areas and serving food to the new staff.

Employees hired during the 2015-2016 school  year were recognized at opening ceremonies for the staff. 

Left to Right- CAHS Learning Support Assistant/Athletic Director Greg Bozman, School Nurse Lynne Brumley and Principal Chantal Russum exchange comments regarding the first day of school.

New JMT Staff

2016 Support Employee of the Year Brenda Henderson at her desk at WAHS on the opening day of school.

Somerset Intermediate School Assistant Principal Tony Bevilacqua. 

Michael Bartemy is the Supervisor of Transportation

New Somerset Intermediate School educators.

CAHS head custodian Rick Powell and cafeteria manager Susan Corbin on the first day of school.

Jannia Farmer is the new Learning Support Specialist at Washington Academy and High School.  She replaced Terra Taylor who was promoted to Assistant Principal at Woodson Elementary School.

Washington Academy and High School has several new employees.

Families coming to school at Greenwood Elementary.

Vestina Davis serves as faculty advisor for the Student Government, President of Somerset Education Association and an excellent fence painter.
SCPS 2014 Custodian of the Year Roy Kelly keeps the Deal Island  Elementary School in top shape.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. John Gaddis emphasized school system goals and the array of accomplishments in just a short period of time.

Woodson Elementary School welcomes new staff members.

Veteran educator Richard Saulitis has taught second grade at DIS for a number of years.

Greenwood Assistant Principal Dorothy Bell-Jackson with returning GES student early the first day of school.

Secondary school staff.

CAHS Athletic Director Greg Bozman shown being interviewed by TV 47 reporter earlier this year.  Listen for Coach Bozman on AM 540 this Saturday August 13 at 9:00 AM talking about sports at the high school.

The sun breaking over the trees at JMT.  Students may experience earlier hours than during the summer.

Washington Academy and High School  Assistant Principal- Matthew Brady

Woodson Elementary School Principal  Kirstin Gibson

Director of Schools Tracie Bartemy introduced Support Employee of the Year Brenda Henderson and Teacher of the Year Kolby Noble at annual opening meeting.

Mother and children just outside of Greenwood Elementary School on Monday August 29, 2016.

WHS field hockey team members and Coach Erica Henderson paint the chain link fence Friday, August 26.

News & Announcements

Superintendent Enumerates School System Successes

At the recent staff opening meeting on August 23, 2016,
Superintendent of Schools Dr. John B. Gaddis spoke about the progress being made by Somerset County Public Schools. Click on the title for more information.

Adult Education Receives Media Recognition

For a number of years the Somerset County Public Schools ' Adult Education program has been proud of its many accomplishments. It was recently featured on the program Delmarva Life on WBOC TV. Click on the title to find out more information.

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