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Maryland Individual Student Report Survey

The Maryland State Department of Education is conducting a stakeholder engagement effort to solicit student, parent, and teacher feedback on the labels used in state assessment reporting. The MSDE is leading the nation to challenge outdated paradigms in order to promote equity and a growth mindset by conducting an audit of the Performance Level labels that Maryland uses in the reporting levels used on Individual Student Reports (ISR) across contents and grade levels. The MSDE is seeking input from community members on how the state can better signal its belief in every child’s inherent value and ability to succeed. 

Prior research has demonstrated that the language of the achievement level labels on Individual Student Reports (ISR) can negatively affect student self-perception and motivation, particularly for those students scoring in the lowest level, who may disproportionately be students of color. 

MSDE has invited all Local School Systems to share a brief survey with their students, teachers, and parents, and to invite parents to participate in a voluntary focus group. Our community’s participation will help shape the future of student assessment reporting in the state, leading to improved language that supports equitable interpretations and a growth mindset. The survey will be available for students, teachers, and parents on February 11 through March 4th, and the virtual focus groups are scheduled to be held the week of March 7th.
To opt in to this opportunity, please contact Dr. Jennifer Judkins, Assistant State Superintendent, Division of Assessment, Accountability, and Performance Reporting, by email at [email protected] or by phone at 410-767-0073.
Please review the introductory video below. When finished, scroll down to access the survey links. 
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