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Teacher Strategies

Methodologies/Approaches Visuals Interactive Strategies Cooperative Learning Activities Other Interactive Strategies
Graphic Organizers Other Audio/Visuals
Total Physical Response (TPR) Flow Charts Realia Peer Buddy Field Trips
Whole Language Approach Maps Videos/Films Small Group Activities K.W.L (Know/Wants to Know/Learned)
Language Experience Approach (LEA) Charts Demonstrations Pairs and Threes Role Play
Retelling A Story Graphs Captioning Jigsaw Games
Activating Prior Knowledge Pictures Labeling "Corners" Dialogue Journals
Semantic Mapping Music/Songs Think/Pair/Share
T-Charts Jazz Chants/Raps Cooperative Learning (Group Reports/Projects)
Venn Diagrams Music/Books Panel Discussions/Debates
Timelines Choral Reading/Read Around Groups