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ELL Step Down and Consult Services

ELL Step Down and Consult Services

 Students with level 4 or 5 LAS scores and who are reading on grade level should be considered for step-down services.  These are students that should be functioning well in the classroom without daily ESOL support.  Their goals should be mostly related to writing and content areas.  

At the beginning of the year, it is recommended to meet with these students twice a week for 30-45 minutes depending on the student, grade level, goals and scheduling considerations.  Then, students can step down to receiving services one day a week.  Students may need to receive more services for a short period of time to assist with difficult papers or projects.  Pull-out or plug-in services may be offered depending on the student needs and your schedule. 

 Students who have exited the program will receive consult services.  The ESOL teacher will remain in constant touch with the classroom/content teachers to assure student success.  Student writing samples will be collected monthly to monitor continuous growth.  ELLs will have an accommodations plan available to them based on their individual needs and are in compliance with the approved list to choose from.