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Plug-in Services: Co-Teaching Approach

Plug-in Services:  Co-Teaching Approach


Co-Teaching is a part of the general and ESOL collaboration to increase students with established English Learner Plans access to general education curriculum through joint accountability and ownership for planning and delivering instruction and assessment of ELL students.


One of the following may be used at any given time in the elementary and secondary schools where there are identified ELL students:


1 Teacher 1 Assist – one teacher is responsible for teaching.  One teacher circulates throughout the classroom monitoring progress and providing assistance to students as needed. 

  • Assisting teacher will be providing ongoing monitoring of student performance (through ELP plan, asking clarifying questions, benchmarks or chapter tests, informal assessment) throughout the lesson.


Alternative Teaching – one teacher takes responsibility for the large group while the other works with a smaller group or one-on-one for a specific instructional purpose.

  • Collaborative planning to decide on remediation for acceleration, assessment, or pre-teaching as needed.


Station Teaching – teachers divide content and students.   Each teacher then teaches the content to one group and subsequently repeats the instruction for the other group.  If appropriate, a third (or more) ‘stations’ could give students an opportunity to work independently in a small group(s), but all students receive instruction from both teachers.

  • Classrooms are heterogeneous with flexible grouping.  Lessons will incorporate student participation through discussion and activities.