School Readiness in Somerset County

From 2001-2014, school readiness was measured by the Maryland Model for School Readiness (MMSR).  Starting in the 2014-2015 school year, Maryland began measuring school readiness using the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA); this assessment looks at very different skills and abilities in young children.  
How did Somerset County do?
Last year, 60% of Somerset County Kindergartners entered school with the skill in place to succeed in Kindergarten learning. 
Take a look at the full report.  Check back in in March to see how Somerset County did this school year! 
Kindergarten Readiness In Somerset County 

   The Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA) is one part of the Ready for Kindergarten assessment system in Maryland. The KRA is a kindergarten readiness tool that allows teachers to measure each child's school readiness across four domains: Social Foundations, Mathematics, Language and Literacy, and Physical Well-being and Motor Development.
     Teachers administer the KRA to all children in kindergarten between the first day of school and November 1. More information about the Ready for Kindergarten system and the KRA are available at:

     An Individual Student Report will be available to parents of Kindergarten students each fall.  Once you receive this report you can set up time to discuss the results with your child's teacher.  Ask your child's  teacher what your child’s strengths are or where your child needs more help. Talk with your child's Kindergarten teacher to find out what the school will do to help your child be ready for learning the kindergarten curriculum.