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Ready to Read Act

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The 2019 Maryland General Assembly passed the Ready to Read Act, a screening and early intervention bill that will help prevent reading failure in schools throughout the State. All 24 school systems in Maryland to provide screening to Kindergarten students to determine if they are at risk for reading difficulties. If results indicate a student is at risk, supplemental reading instruction must be provided.

Somerset County uses the MAP Growth Screener to determine if a student is at risk for reading difficulties. MAP Growth is a computer adaptive screener that tests what students know and what they are ready to learn. It is administered three times per year in order to measure growth between testing experiences.

During the Winter 2021 administration, 176 students were screened using MAP Growth with 51% of those students testing below the 40th percentile. Students scoring below the 40th percentile are provided with supplemental instruction by a classroom teacher, Literacy Coach, or Reading Intervention teacher.
Below are some helpful resources for parents, including the Checklist for Reading Difficulties, MAP Growth Fact Sheet, and a summary of the MD Senate Bill (SB 734) which enacted the Ready to Read Act in Maryland.