Retirement Plans

The State Retirement System Information

Membership in either the Maryland State Retirement System or the Maryland State Pension System is mandatory for all regular certificated and some support services employees. All certificated and support services personnel with eligible classification and employed since January 1, 1980, are enrolled in the Teachers’ Pension System. Other support services personnel employed since January 1, 1980, are enrolled in the Employees’ Pension System. Pension System eligibility requires that the employee work a minimum of 700 hours each fiscal year.

The State Retirement/Pension Systems now require that all persons who wish to be approved for a leave of absence by the Retirement/Pension Systems must submit their request for an approved leave prior to the beginning of their leave of absence.

All written communications with the Retirement or Pension Systems must be made through the Retirement Coordinator, Mrs. Beth Whitelock.

At the earliest consideration of retirement, all employees are encouraged to call for an appointment with Mrs. Beth Whitelock, Human Resources Generalist, as soon as they begin considering retirement. At least three months are needed for the necessary preparations to begin receiving retirement income.

All requests for information regarding the status of an individual’s retirement or pension account should be made directly to the to the State Retirement Office by calling toll free 1-800-492-5909. A State Retirement Counselor will assist you 

 State Retirement and Pension System of Maryland Website

Optional 403(b) Retirement Account 

Somerset County Public Schools also offers an optional 403(b)_ plan.  A 403(b) plan is a tax-advantaged retirement savings plan available for public education employees, and is similar to a 401(k) plan. Salary deferrals into a 403(b) plan are made before income tax is paid and allowed to grow tax-deferred until the money is taxed as income when withdrawn from the plan.


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