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New Teacher Support

New Teacher Induction Program and New Teacher Instructional Mentor Program
Our Goal: To orient, develop, support and retain novice teachers to the educational environment and share the vision of the profession by modeling and encouraging best practices through collaboration, collegiality, and participation in a continuous learning community.
Novice teachers, new to the profession, are carefully matched with mentors early in the school year to ensure they receive consistent support throughout their first year of teaching. The Instructional Mentoring Program is one component of the SCPS Comprehensive Teacher Induction Program and is aligned with COMAR 13.A.07.01.
Teachers new to Somerset County Public Schools typically report to the New Teacher Orientation and Induction Program the week before the regular staff to become acquainted with their school system, their school and the community. This enables new teachers to become acquainted with their surroundings in a smooth, systematic and non-stressful way. The new teachers meet and spend time with their Instructional Mentors and Instructional Facilitators. This week includes on-boarding presentations from our various departments, such as Human Resources, Student Services, Instructional Technology and Special Education.  In addition, the new and first year teachers are treated to a visit by our very own Teacher of the Year and the most popular new teacher discussion panel. 

New Teacher Induction Program and New Teacher Instructional Mentor Program
"When we are successful in growing our new teachers we will advance student learning."
Through the New Teacher Induction and Instructional Mentor Program we provide support to our new teachers.  Whether just beginning in the profession, experienced yet new to SCPS, or those who may be changing careers;  teachers in their first, second and third years of teaching in SCPS classrooms are provided the additional support of a New Teacher Mentor.  
Our New Teacher Mentors provide the new teachers with individualized professional learning, personalized support, planning help, reflective and problem-solving conversations, student work & data analysis, student-centered coaching models. 
Our Instructional New Teacher Mentors have participated in targeted training from researched based programs specifically addressing the needs of a new teacher in planning and preparing lessons, classroom management and student achievement.  They build relationships, through coaching, modeling and mentoring that results in continuous improvement and positively impacts teacher practice. 
In Somerset County Public Schools we feel that we support and retain novice and experienced but new to SCPS educators in the following ways:  


  • Co-Teach in SPED or Content Areas
  • Administrators
  • Facilitators
  • Supervisors
  • Intervention Supports
  • Learning Support
  • Behavior Supports


  • Professional Behaviors of the school
  • Demonstrate and Model Lessons
  • Co-Teaching
  • Collaborative Planning
  • Build a Continuous Learning Community


  • Non-Evaluative 
  • Informal Observations with feedback (written and oral)
  • Focused observations
  • Non-judgmental classroom data collection


  • Develop New Teachers: 
  • School-based and district-wide professional development
  • Learning Walks
  • Professional Development Events
  • Instructional Coaching Cycles
  • Wellness Dimensions


  • Empower new teachers to succeed
  • Build self-efficacy
  • Provide resources needed or lacking
  • Build our own-recognizing the talents
  • Build a positive community
For more information about our New Teacher Induction Program and Instructional New Teacher Mentors, contact Mrs. Tina Greenwood, Coordinator of Instruction & Mentoring at 410-651-1616 or  [email protected]
Tina Greenwood, Coordinator of Instruction and Mentoring
Tina Greenwood
Coordinator of Instruction and Mentoring

2022-2023 Instructional Mentors

woman in blue dress and black sweater smiling
Bobbi Callis, Elementary - [email protected]
"I have been teaching elementary school since 1994.  I have taught in 4 states and multiple grade levels. This is my first year as an instructional mentor.  I am so excited to welcome and support our new teachers as they begin (or continue) their careers in Somerset County Public Schools.   I will be working with teachers at Greenwood, Princess Anne, and Woodson."
woman with glasses in orange dress smiling
Bethany Davis, Secondary - [email protected]
"I am an Instructional Mentor, working with new secondary teachers at Crisfield, Washington, and Somerset Intermediate. Previously, I have taught science at the middle and high school level in North Carolina and here in Somerset County. I am excited to step into a new role, and hope to use my experiences to help new teachers grow and flourish in this profession."
blonde woman in jean jacket smiling
Dr. Lisa Dennis, Secondary - [email protected] 
"I  have worked in education for 29 years. I have been a science teacher, park ranger, and college professor. As an instructional mentor, I want to assist and support new teachers to increase their capacity to inspire student learning. This year is my second as a mentor but my seventh year working in Somerset County. The schools I will be working in this year are Washington High, Crisfield High, Somerset Intermediate, and Somerset County Technical High."
brunette woman in white floral shirt smiling
Cindy Lloyd Holland, Secondary - [email protected]
"I am an Instructional Mentor for secondary schools and will be working to support new teachers at Crisfield High, Somerset Intermediate, and Washington High.  Prior to this position I was a middle school teacher.  I look forward to using my 27 years in the classroom to help support new teachers."
brunette woman in white sweater and blue dress
Christina Truitt, Elementary - [email protected] 
"I have taught in Somerset County for 22 years. I am excited for this new journey in my career. It is my goal this year to provide new teachers with the support they need to be best teacher they can be. You will see me around Greenwood Elementary, Princess Anne Elementary, and Woodson Elementary."