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IMPORTANT BUDGET MEETINGS-     On May 29 at 9 AM there will be a special Board of Education meeting to submit the superintendent's proposed budget. We will review the budget and have about a 20 minute meeting. On June 27 at 9 AM the Board will meet again in an open meeting to adopt the budget for the year.
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Our Vision for STEM Education:


“SCPS STEM Education will prepare and inspire all learners to think critically, collaborate, and solve problems in order to successfully meet tomorrow’s global challenges.”

STEM education has taken off in the past several years in Somerset County.  Through funding from MSDE, Somerset County has acquired some interesting and very engaging materials as well as upgrading our current subscription to Discovery Education to include STEM Connect.  Find out more about Discovery Education through this link:
Teachers have had the opportunity over the past several years to participate in a multitude of STEM professional developments.  Most of these trainings have allowed the teachers to interact with new materials such as Legos and K-Nex Physics kits before introducing them to their students.  At the elementary level teachers are implementing one EiE unit (Engineering is Elementary) at each grade level from 1st-5th with the primary teachers in Pre-K and Kindergarten implementing inquiry STEM kits from Zula Worlds.  Find out more here:
Teachers have also developed their own STEM lesson plans and units that deeply engage students in the engineering design process. At the Intermediate School a dedicated STEM class has the students completing a variety of challenges specifically designed to immerse them in the STEM Standards of Practice. 
Read the standards and find out more about Maryland's Initiatives at this website:

For more information about specific STEM activities in the schools you may contact the following STEM Leaders:
Deal Island Elementary: 
Mr. Rich Saulitis
Greenwood Elementary:
Stephanie Sproul
Princess Anne Elementary:  Ms. Taylor Estes
Woodson Elementary School:
Mr. Corey Ballard
Crisfield Academy and High School:
Ms. Ann Saeker
Washington Academy and High School:
Mr. William Knopf
Somerset Intermediate:
Ms. Pamela South