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Somerset County Public School's Vision for STEM Education:


“SCPS STEM Education will prepare and inspire all learners to think critically, collaborate, and solve problems in order to successfully meet tomorrow’s global challenges.”

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) instruction is critically important as we train the future leaders and innovators in our community.   
Starting at the elementary level, students are introduced to the engineering design process as a way to solve real world problems through collaboration and application of math and science concepts.  Teachers implement a variety of STEM Challenges throughout the year.  These challenges demonstrate to students the importance of learning from their mistakes in a effort to make their prototypes better. 
Additional skills that are fostered through STEM lessons include:
      • creativity
      • problem solving
      • communicating clearly 
      • critical thinking
      • decision making
      • working flexibly and efficiently
      • acceptance of failure
Upon entering high school, students are provided the opportunity to take advantage of the many courses at Somerset County Technical High School (SCTHS) as they determine which career pathway to embark upon following graduation.
No matter the path students embark upon, the skills developed over the course of their educational career by participating in STEM related instruction will improve their employability and productivity in the workforce.