TITLE I Program

TITLE I Program

Somerset County Public Schools


Title I is a Federal program which provides supplemental funding to schools that qualify as a high-poverty school according to Free and Reduced Meal Student (FARMS) eligibility.  Title I targets resources to schools where the needs are greatest.  These schools are eligible to adopt School-wide programs to raise achievement of students by improving instruction throughout the entire school, thus using Title I funds to serve all children. The supplemental funding that schools receive may provide personnel, professional development, parent activities, and instructional programs. Just some of the examples of effective strategies are: Interventions, Instructional Facilitators & Reading Coaches, Family Liaisons, extended-day and summer school programs which are used to address the needs of students/parents in Title I schools.

  Title I Schools

There are three Title I schools in Somerset County. The following elementary schools have been identified to receive Title I supplemental funds and operate a school wide Title I program:

Princess Anne Elementary


Greenwood Elementary


Woodson Elementary