Secondary Education


Academic Handbook


Somerset County High Schools

This document should follow the students entering grade 9 in 2021-2022 through their graduation. Each year, around November, this document will be re-evaluated and modified to reflect any course, program, or requirement changes for the next school year.



Secondary Education in

Somerset County Public Schools

  Somerset County Public Schools offers a balanced educational program to prepare students to attend four year universities, community colleges, trade and technical schools, or to enter the world of work with good potential for success and advancement.  Educational services include the full range of a large number of Advanced Placement courses (considering the size of our high schools) to individual and small group tutoring for students who need additional help.  Guidance counselors and Learning Support Specialists provide help for students who are having academic difficulties.  Somerset County offers an extensive benchmarking system to help prepare students for required state tests and offers teachers and staff useful data for program improvement and identifying student strengths and weaknesses.  Somerset students and teachers enjoy extensive technology resources including a student to computer ratio among the best in the state.  All sixth, seventh and eight grade classrooms are equipped with Promethean Boards, Activote responders for instant assessments, LCD projectors, and document cameras.

Schools and Attendance Areas

            The Secondary Division of the Somerset County Public School System has one intermediate school, one combined school, two academy high schools, and two sites that provide specialized services for students from the three home institutions.  All sixth and seventh grade students (except those who reside on Smith Island) attend Somerset Intermediate School.  Eighth graders and high school students in the southern end of the county attend Crisfield Academy High School and students from the northern end attend Washington Academy High School.   Students from all three mainland schools attend vocational classes at the J. M. Tawes Technology and Career Center.  Marion Sarah Payton provides both alternative services for K-12 students as well as GED and adult education to members of the community.  Students who live on Smith Island attend Ewell School through the seventh grade and then commute daily to Crisfield Academy High School.

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School Improvement in Maryland (Information about the State Curriculum and Instruction in Maryland

Information about the Maryland High School Assessments (HSAs)

High School Academic Handbook

            The Academic Handbook provides most academic information for students in grades 8-12 including programs of study, course descriptions, career planning, college admission strategies, graduation requirements, and important academic policies and guidelines.  Other pertinent information can be found at the respective school sites listed above.

For more information contact:
Mr. Tom Davis
Assistant Superintendent for Instruction
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Mr. Will Gray
Supervisor of Secondary Science & STEM
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Ms. Terry Drechsler
Supervisor of Secondary Mathematics & Local Accountability Coordinator
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