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Social Studies

Secondary Course Offerings
American Government- This course covers how American Government works and how citizens can participate in and change government.  This course culminates in the Maryland High School Assessment.
A.P. U.S. History- This is an Advanced Placement course tailored to parameters set by College Board.  The course culminates in the AP test which can result in college credit.
Contemporary Issues- This senior level course is an SCPS graduation requirement that focuses on current societal and political issues as well as a special focus on financial literacy.
Geography- This course is an elective in human geography designed to expose students to the challenges of meeting society's needs while effectively managing and protecting resources and the environment.
Psychology- This course is an elective in human growth and development.  The focus in on the stages of human development.
U.S. History I- U.S. History I is a non-credit bearing course that is delivered in 8th grade.  The course covers European contact in the New World up through Reconstruction and culminates in a state assessed test given in the spring of the year.  
U.S. History II- This credit bearing course is delivered in 9th grade and picks up after Reconstruction and goes up September 11, 2001.
Modern World History- This credit bearing course is delivered in 11th grade and after a brief review of the Middle Ages covers the Enlightenment through the Cold War.  This course also has a special focus on research.
Middle School Offerings
Ancient History- In this course students are exposed to content from the River Valley Civilizations to the Fall of Rome.  
Medieval History and Geography- In this course students pick up with the Dark Ages and move through the end of the European Renaissance.  The units are taught by geographical region, providing students insight into the commonalities and differences around the world during a single time period.
Elementary Social Studies
Social Studies at the elementary level provides students with the fundamental content knowledge and skills from all of the core components:  history, geography, economics, financial literacy, and citizenship.  Each grade includes standards from each component.  While global geography and culture are touched on, the primary focus in all grades is on the United States and the state of Maryland.