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Gifted and Talented

Definition of Gifted and Talented Students:  A "gifted and talented student" is a student who is identified as:


        • Having outstanding talent and performing, or showing the potential for performing, at remarkably high levels of accomplishment when compared with other students of a similar age, experience or environment;
        • Exhibiting high performance capability in intellectual, creative or artistic areas;
        • Possessing an unusual leadership capacity; or 
        • Excelling in specific academic fields. (Maryland Code of Law 8-201).
Formal identification begins at the end of 2nd grade.  Somerset County Public Schools offer a variety of services for students who are identified.  
GT Services include:
        • Differentiated instruction
        • Cluster grouping
        • Enrichment groups
        • Independent study
        • Grade and subject acceleration
        • Summer centers and camps
        • AP courses
        • Honors Courses
        • Dual Enrollment Courses
        • High School Internships


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