Family Support Services

Parents/ Caregivers & and interested community members are Invited to the
has been put on hold due to Covid19
For more information on SECAC (Special Education Citizens Advisory Council) and how you can be involved in improving the education for the children of Somerset County who have disabilities, contact the Parent Support Coordinator at

To contact the Family Support Program:


Phone: 410-999-1016





Office & Lending Library has moved and is now located at:

SCPS Office

7982A Tawes Campus Drive

Westover, MD 21871

SECAC Members
Rebecca Pratte,
Somerset County Library Youth Program Coordinator
Vice Chairperson
Jennie Marshall,
Ashley Arndt
Elizabeth Chamberlain
Jerrie Crockett
Dalisha Dickerson
Sheryl Eni
Denise Mertz
Melody Morgan
Tracey Warthen
Ashley Walters
Somerset County Public Schools Personnel
Cheryl O'Neal,
Supervisor of Special Ed
Joy Hale,
Family Support Program Coordinator
Jenson Long,
WES Assistant Principal
Katie Klein, 
Infants & Toddlers
Karen Karten,
Judy Center
Cindy Taylor,
Transition Spec Ed Teacher
Tony Hayward,
Unified Sports
Community Representatives
Daniel Sabo,
DDA Eligibility Counselor
Linda Prochaska,
ARC Central Chesapeake Region
Carolyn Terrell,
Eldon Willing,
Somerset County Commissioner
Fran Jones,
Chesapeake Health
Lauren Hawke,
Somerset Recreation & Parks
Nicole Sterling,
Local Management Board
For information on activities and early childhood development, contact: