Superintendent's Message

Dear SCPS families and staff,


With the topic of COVID-19 dominating every conversation, news broadcast, plans for the future and every other aspect of our daily lives, I want you all to know that you can continue to rely on us to provide the same valuable services to the community during this time. Although the way we serve you may need to look drastically different in the weeks ahead, please rest assured that we will continue to feed students breakfast, lunch and dinner, and we will continue to provide education and other supports to our students in the best way that we can.


Our instructional team has been hard at work adapting our curriculum so that it can be done from home. We are working on resources for families who may not have internet access, or reliable transportation to pick up schoolwork for their students. We are setting up internet hot spots at all of our schools so that families with transportation can come to download schoolwork for the week. We will send paper packets to any family who is unable to access work online. We are devising plans for our special education students to receive the supports that they need. We are focusing on behavioral supports for students who may be struggling to cope with this change in their daily lives. And we are also working closely with MSDE to ensure that all graduating seniors will meet the state requirements so that this pandemic will not affect their future plans for college or career readiness.


While you may still have many questions unanswered at this time, please know that we are committed to moving forward with every student’s success in mind. Together, we will get through this challenging time and we will be a stronger district and community going forward with new lessons learned in the face of adversity.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Keep smiling and stay positive,

Dr. John B. Gaddis

~March 26, 2020