Capital Planning

Annual Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

     Each year in the fall, the annual Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is submitted to the Maryland Public School Construction Program.  The format and content of the document must be prepared in accordance with the Administrative Procedures Guide of the Public School Construction Program.  The Capital Improvement Plan has been carefully coordinated with the Educational Facilities Master Plan prepared in July 2019.  At their regular meeting in October, the Board of Education voted to accept the plan for first reader and proceed with the following project requests for FY2021:

  • State Funding request for a roof replacement at Crisfield Academy & High School

  • Local planning approval for replacement of the Ewell Elementary School


In May 2020, the Board of Public Works will meet to approve the final funding and planning recommendations of the Interagency Committee on School Construction for the FY 2021 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) for school construction.  

Educational Facilities Master Plan (EFMP)

     The Educational Facilities Master Plan (EFMP) serves as a planning document and a precursor to the Capital Improvement Plan which is submitted each fall to the Public School Construction Program.   

     The Master Plan has been carefully coordinated with the objectives of the Somerset County Planning and Zoning Commission’s Comprehensive Plan and the objectives of the Somerset County Economic Development Commission. Facility inventory and needs are presented, evaluated, and identified to guide future planning objectives.  The plan provides a detailed inventory of the existing facilities, including the year each was built, square footages, enrollment, ages of systems, etc.  It also provides a detailed breakdown of the physical condition of each individual school and its needs.  The EFMP identifies completed, current, and future planned Capital Improvement requests. 


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