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Instructional Technology

Somerset County Public Schools embraces technology as an effective and essential tool which expands the learning opportunities and improves communication among students, staff and the community. All students will utilize state-of-the-art technology resources and digital content to acquire 21st century skills necessary to attain success in the rapidly changing world. Stakeholders will recognize the importance of technology and support the efforts of the school system to provide all students and staff with these opportunities. Improved student learning will be achieved through engaging classrooms, universal access and the seamless integration of technology into a rigorous curriculum.
Classroom Technology
The majority of classrooms are equipped with the technology to provide engaging instruction for our students. Every classroom has an LCD projector and one or more desktop computers with Internet access. Currently 73% of the classrooms have document cameras for teachers to use and 50% of the classroom have Promethean Boards. 
Special Initiatives
Elementary High Tech Classrooms
Professional Development
Professional Development opportunities for technology integration remain critical to effective instruction in classrooms.  Training for teachers is provided on a variety of applications and systems based on need.  Teachers will be given several professional development opportunities throughout the school year including various trainings given after school throughout the year or they can attend intense technology academies in the summer. 
Students and staff have access to a number of digital resources. Most of them are available from both school and home. A list of these resources can be found on the Resources page.