Pre-K / Kindergarten Registration

Somerset County Public Schools

Pre-K/ Kindergarten Registration begins April 25, 2022

 For more information, call Karen Karten at 410-651-1616 x10255

or your child's school.

       Early Learning Pathways        


During the first five years of your child’s life, your child’s brain undergoes the most dramatic changes; growing and developing more than any other time in their life. Everything your child experiences during this time has a profound impact on their later years and school success. Somerset County Public Schools understands that you, as a parent, are your child’s very first teacher. Therefore, we want to partner with you to help your family as your child travels down the path to kindergarten. This Early Learning Pathways is designed to help you prepare your child for the exciting journey to school.


Early Learning In Somerset County:


All 4 year olds in Somerset County (who turn 4 by September 1) are encouraged to attend Pre-K. This FREE program is designed to give children that extra boost and get them ready for kindergarten learning.


Pre-K Everyday! 

If you decide to enroll you child in public Pre-Kindergarten it is vital that they attend every day! Good attendance is a very important part of your child’s school success and this includes Pre-Kindergarten attendance.



Kindergarten is a full day program and is not optional. All children who turn 5 by September 1 must register for kindergarten. (The State Board of Education regulations allow parents or legal guardians to submit a one-year level of maturity waiver for a kindergarten-age child if they believe that a delay in kindergarten attendance is in the best interest of their child. The child, however, must attend kindergarten the next year.)


*Funding for Pre-Kindergarten differs from other school programming and though not mandatory, Pre-Kindergarten is highly recommended.  The county will continue to try to meet the needs of families by providing Pre-K education to all families requesting this. 


Pre-K and Kindergarten registration for the 2022-2023 school year will open on April 25, 2022

through the online registration portal at

You will need to provide the following information:

          •  Residence Verification (lease or rental agreement, property tax bill, utility bill, etc.…) 
          • Birth Certificate
          • Immunization records
          • Record of Physical Exam
          • Lead Screening
          • Parent/ Guardian Photo ID
          • *Household Income Verification (Pre-K3 and 4 Only)  
enroll here
If all students get into Pre-K 4, why do I need to enroll in the spring? 
We strive to provide a quality early childhood program with small class sizes and appropriate adult to child ratios. This requires planning. We need to know how many children will be enrolled so that we are able to hire the appropriate staff for the school year. Please help us with this by enrolling your child early. We hope to accommodate all families but we are only able to do this if families register on time!  
    Pre-K 3: We have a limited number of Pre-K 3 slots.
Students attending Pre-K 3 must meet one of the following criteria: 



Final Thoughts: Partnering for School Success!


Though the first five years of a child’s life are essential to their school success, we also understand that the next 13-14 years will include a lot of important milestones in your child’s academic life. It is our desire to partner with you as you and your child join our school community. School and instructional staff are always there to answer questions and help you as your child transitions along the Early Learning Pathways. Welcome to Somerset County Public Schools!


Contact your child's school for registration details. 


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Pre-K Summer  Program

Somerset County Public Schools will offer a free 5 week summer program for students entering Pre-K3, Pre-K 4 and Kindergarten. Students must be fully enrolled in school to register. Registration is online through Power School. Contact your child's school for more information. Your child will NOT automatically be enrolled in this program!

For additional information call Karen Karten 

410-651-1616 Ex 10255



When registering your child, you will need to provide: 
Residence verification (lease or rental agreement, utility bill, etc…), your child's birth certificate, your most recent tax return (income verification), immunization records, record of physical exam and record of lead screening.

School Contact Information:
Princess Anne Elementary School- 410-651-0481
Deal Island Elementary School- 410-784-2449
Woodson Elementary School- 410-968-1295
Ewell Elementary School-