Somerset County School District

The Board of Education has voted to make changes in the 2017-2018 Academic Calendar.  Scroll down to News and Announcements to read the results.

News and Announcements

Somerset Schools Benefitting from Art Project

​​​Ellen Sproul, with the Arts Institute and Gallery, secured a grant from the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore to partner with local school districts. This particular partnership has two projects. Princess Anne Elementary and Woodson Elementary are taking part in the building project where students create "boxes" that are akin to dioramas or shadow boxes.
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Hear the Maryland Crunch-Crisfield Academy & High School

On Tuesday, March 7, 2017 at 9:15 am, thousands of Marylanders will bite into apples simultaneously, to help raise awareness of the important role that school breakfast plays in ensuring children have access to healthy food. Held during National School Breakfast Week, Hear the Maryland Crunch highlights the importance of the School Breakfast Program in ensuring that all children get a healthy start to their day.
Crisfield High School has planned many promotional activities to involve the students in wellness and healthy eating habits based on the Maryland Crunch program. The following items have been held and will be held this morning. They are: (Click on the title for more information.)
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CHS Musical Theater Class Performed Little Red Riding Hood

The Musical Theater classes at CHS put on their very first short play. They have their own production team of Assistant Director, Stage Manager, and Costume Designer. They had 17 days to get a script, get a part, design a set, develop their character's backstory, memorize the script and blocking, and put the show on!
They performed the play twice on Friday February 24, 2017.
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Community Field Day

The 4th Annual Community Field Day will be held on April 22, 2017 at the Long Centralized Athletic Facility in Westover. Click on the title to see the advertisement and registration form for potential sponsors.
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