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Smith Island Students Travel in a Unique Way to School-They Master the Challenges

Channel 47 report Julian Sadur writes, "For most kids going to school involves catching the bus or a short walk, but what happens when you have roughly 10 miles of water separating you from the school… well, you boat. That’s the reality that the students of Smith Island, MD. face every day from the time they enter eighth grade to the time they graduate high school." Click on the title for more information.

Public Notice For Parents Of and Former Special Education Students

In accordance with local educational policy, all confidential records of Special Education students may be destroyed 8 years after a student leaves the Somerset County Public School System or when, under IDEA 2004 they are no longer needed to provide educational services to the child. Click on the title for further details.

The Superintendent Expresses Appreciation to Our Teachers

"As I reflect on each day, I realize the work and effort that each of you puts into changing the future. In our classrooms we have future business owners, future teachers, future military members, future leaders and much more." (Click on the title for more information.)


In a recent email to the Superintendent of Schools Deal Island Elementary School math and science teacher Kolby Noble wrote, "Just wanted to give you some good news on a Friday...just got word we won the Lemonade War. Of 38 schools across the country...East Coast, Texas, California..we placed first with $4,000." (Click on the title for more information.)
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