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Eastern Shore Superintendents Adopt Legislative Initiatives

The Eastern Shore Superintendents of Schools adopted six legislative initiatives for the 2018 Maryland General Assembly Session. The initiatives are:
 Funding: Provide funds to meet the existing state public school funding formula and add prekindergarten
children to the funding formula.
 Capital Projects: Provide state funds to address the capital school renovation and construction costs of identified school construction projects. (For a complete listing of projects see table)
 Technology: Create a funding mechanism to allow school systems to upgrade infrastructure and purchase or replace devices for student use.
 Assessment: Support the need to allow local school systems to determine the type and use of assessments to monitor and support student learning.
 Local Control: Support the critical need for local control by maintaining the authority of local boards of education.
 Teacher Shortage: Declare a teacher crisis shortage in Maryland and adopt programs to encourage more people to become teachers. Click on the title to see related news letter and major capital projects.
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Important Specialists Added to Our Staff

Special Education Supervisor Cheryl O'Neal reports, "As of today we are able to provide all students with the OT services listed on their IEP and the make up hours process has already begun. We are happy to have a full staff and three of these people are new to Somerset County this school year. We are very fortunate to have a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic group!" Click on the title for more information.
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Tawes HVAC Student Sells the Most Popcorn and Raises the Most Money for SkillsUSA.

J.M. Tawes recently held a SkillsUSA fundraiser selling Fishers Popcorn. The student selling the most pop corn won a 50 dollar Amazon Gift Card. This year's student is from the HVAC/ Program who sold $582.90 worth of pop corn. A gross total of over $1,400 was collected by J.M Tawes students participating in the fundraiser activity. The net profit will go towards helping pay for J.M Tawes students to attend the regional and state SKillsUSA competitions.
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American Education Week @ Washington Academy and High School- Extracurricular Day on Thursday, November 16 and Community Leader Day on Friday, November 17

Washington High principal Chantal Russum said, "Thursday, November 16 is Extracurricular Day and we will have displays set up in our lobby from 9 am on showing our visitors what we do outside of the classrooms."
She also said, "As you know this is American Education Week and it is a week to let others see how we shine at Washington Academy and High School. We are sponsoring Community Leader Day at our school. We would like to welcome you for a visit and for some lite refreshments from 9 to 10:45 am on Friday November 17."
Principal Chantal Russum was pleased with the displays of extracurricular activities, parent visitation and community leaders visiting the school.
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Somerset Intermediate School and Crisfield High School Students join Forces with the Membership of Elks Lodge #1044 and American Legion Post #16 to Honor Our Veterans

One hundred to two hundred veterans will be honored at a special breakfast today, Friday, November 10 starting at 9:00 AM at the Crisfield Elks Lodge # 1044. This is a joint effort on the part of the Elks Lodge and American Legion Post #16. Students from Somerset Intermediate School will share essays they have written with the men and women in attendance and the Crisfield High School Honor Band will play a series of patriotic songs. Somerset Intermediate students write their essays for the privilege of serving our veterans. Students from both schools will sit down and have breakfast with these brave men and women. SIS students greet the veterans as they come to the tables, talk with them, and when it is time to serve breakfast the students serve all who are there and then get their breakfast and return to their table of veterans. The student participation will take place within the context of the service clubs’ program of honoring our veterans. Students from both schools have participated for nearly a decade in this important activity. Click on the title to read more.
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Student Artwork to be displayed at Princess Anne Elementary School

On Friday, November 10 at 10am artists from Amused Studios are coming to Princess Anne Elementary School to hang a tile mural on the front of the school. Art teacher Sarah Perdue said, "Students participated in painting tiles with myself and artists from Amused Studios. The mural will read "PAES Makes Us Happy." I am super excited that student art will be featured on the outside of our building as a positive welcome to all students, families, and guests."
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J.M. Tawes Groundbreaking was Held on Tuesday, November 7.

Federal, state and local dignitaries were on hand with parents, students, school system staff, and community members to celebrate the groundbreaking for the new J. M. Tawes Career and Technology Center. Over 150 people were in attendance. Land is already being cleared for the project which is due to be completed by September 2019. Tawes Culinary Arts students, SkillUSA students, Criminal Justice students and Teacher Academy students were involved in welcoming our guests in a professional manner. Click on the title to see related photographs.
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