Somerset County School District

At its monthly meeting, the Board of Education accepted the 2018-2019 Draft Academic Calendar C on a First Reader basis for study. Please take the related survey.  Scroll down the Homepage to News and Announcements and follow directions  on the article entitled 2018-2019 Academic Calendar-Draft C- Survey............Look at SCPS Safety & Security Measures.  They are located on News and Announcements on this Homepage and under the News dropdown under SCPS Safety & Security Measures.

News and Announcements

Art & Wellness

Art & Wellness Night will be on Tuesday, March 1 at Princess Anne Elementary School from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Click on title to learn more about the event.
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GreenSheet Link

GreenSheet Link!!!! Scroll down the homepage. Click on the title of this brief article. Then click on the link to the Maryland Association of Boards of Education GreenSheet which is a weekly update of the Maryland Legislature while it is in session.
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Fy 2017 SCPS Budget Survey

Parents and community members are urged to complete the FY 2017 budget survey. It will be posted until January 15. Hard copies can be obtained at school offices throughout the county and at the central office. Click on the title and on the link to complete the survey. Thank you for your input.
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SCPS 2016-2017 Budget Calendar

Attached to this article is the SCPS 2016-2017 Budget Calendar. It contains dates for the online budget survey, internal discussion and sharing of packets, conferences, Superintendent's presentation, Board updates, updates to Commissioners, public input sessions, Board work sessions, adoption of the budget and submission of the budget to the Commissioners and work on final revisions. Click on the title and then click on the attachment to access the calendar.
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Director of Schools Interviewed by Comcast

SCPS Director of Schools Tracie Bartemy was interviewed by the staff at Comcast pertaining to the historical immersion camp held this summer at Teakle Mansion and surrounding areas in Princess Anne for several students. This was partially funded by the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore and made possible by Ms. Bartemy's leadership, the work of a number of educators and members of various historical groups. Click on the title and then on the link to view the interview.
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Special Course at Wor Wic Community College

The first EARN-funded UAS training course is scheduled to run February 1, 2016- March 18, 2016 from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm. A flyer with more information is attached. Please let us know if you have questions! Click on title. Then click on PDF file for more information.
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