School System Responds to New Report Card

And while the county looks to hone in on their strengths, they’re also looking to focus on the areas that they hope to improve on, mathematics and literacy. Need improvements that Greenwood Elementary School and others are already addressing.Greenwood Principal Ashley Walters explains, “We have several data sources that we use. Local county benchmarks in addition to a new math assessment that are given three times a year to measure student growth and achievement. So certainly our area of focus is in reading and math and how we can continue to improve those scores.” And with a new math curriculum already in the works, Somerset County is hoping their efforts will again be shown for next years results.
In the meantime, “We’re going to dig deep and really peel the onion as some would say and look at specifically what can we do to address some of these criteria. To make sure that we’re giving a true picture of what it is to be a well-rounded student in Somerset County,” explains Gaddis.Gaddis adds that this new report card is a conversation starter and that he plans to take a look at other high poverty schools in the state to evaluate their scores and see if there are programs in place that could work in Somerset to raise ratings. Somerset County is planning on holding informational meetings for parents and families. Those meetings will be held at Crisfield and Washington High Schools, although the dates and  times have not yet been finalized.+