Kara Curtis of Hertrich Honors Teacher of the Year Dr. Richard Warren Jr. Gives a powerful Speech

There are many great teachers in this room, and to all of you, I want to say thank you.  Thank you for your commitment to the students of Somerset County.  Thank you for all the time and sacrifices you make.  It is an honor to stand in a room full of so many great educators.
     Dr. Warren it is obvious the impact you have on this school, your students and the community.  Just looking around this one room, you have impacted countless lives, your Passion, your dedication, your commitment and your energy sets the example of what it takes to be a world class educator.
Unfortunately I’ve never had the pleasure of being in your class or getting to work with you, though I wish I could.  However I have had the pleasure of talking with people that work with you, reading articles and watching an interview about your accomplishments and here is what I learned.
You are an incredible educator, and more than that, you are an inspiration to your students and peers.  You invest your time into growing students and making students more impactful individuals.  You encourage them to be problem solvers, community members and lifelong learners.  You invest your time into your peers and encourage continuous education and collaboration.  And you invest in your community by encouraging your students to find problems in the world around them and solve them.Dr. Warren, you make the community we share a better place and we are proud to have you as an educator in our community.  What you do is exceptional and you are inspiring people like me every day, whether you know it or not.
     Now Dr Warren, in your class you teach students to find problems and create solutions.  We have found a problem that we’d like to solve. How do we help support the community in recognizing a job well done?
Since I haven’t introduced myself, you might be wondering who I am and why I’m here today.  Dr. Warren, educators, community leaders, my name is Kara Curtis and I am from the Hertrich Family of Automobile dealerships.  On Behalf of The Hertrich Family and Hertrich Toyota of Pocomoke, I am here to present you with the use of a brand new Toyota Rav4 for the school year to celebrate your accomplishments.   Congratulations!