Somerset County School District

IMPORTANT BUDGET MEETINGS-     On May 29 at 9 AM there will be a special Board of Education meeting to submit the superintendent's proposed budget. We will review the budget and have about a 20 minute meeting. On June 27 at 9 AM the Board will meet again in an open meeting to adopt the budget for the year.

Tawes Students Have an Outstanding Year in SkillsUSA Competition. Some Students because of their 1st place Gold Medal status are headed for National Competition.





Bradford Nick

Elmore, Kourntee

Fountain, Monae

Guy, Brian

Handy, Ashley

Harmon, Derek

Johnson, Jeremie

Lovaton, Edi

Marshall, David

Martinez, Saul

Nicholas-Milbourne, Tariq

Nutter, Keionte'

Shores, Wyatt

Styles, Kavan

Taylor, Brent

Taylor, Jason

Tilghman, Amia

Tsigehet, Biniam

Turner, LaQuan

Veney, Shalea




Ali, Sami

Ballard, Eric

Carman, James


Copes-Brittingham, Diamiana

Cornish, Julia

Cullen, Shelby

Davis, Ashley

Diggs, Christopher

Duncan, Chelsey

Fetzer, Dale


Forbes, Christopher

Franklin, Nikki

Garpstas, Emily

Ghazanffer, Shanza

Harris, Isaac

Hernandez, Brenda

Holden, Aniyah

McCready, Tysean

Merson, Gabriel

Miles Dustin

Miller, Thomas

Okinyih, Oliver


Purnell, Dominique

Taylor-Sledge, Taijah

Warfield, Jenna

Zetina, Osvaldo


TOP TEN LISTING (10 in the top ten )

Cornish, Julia   Top Ten in the State for Prepared Speech 4 out of 12

Thomas Miller Top Ten in the State for Customer Service 4 out of 12

Brent Taylor Top Ten in the Sate HVAC 5 out of 9

Copes-Brittingham, Diamiana

 Top 10 in the state for Plumbing 10 out of 13

Brenda Hernandez: 7 out of 12 Extemporaneous speaking

Health Knowledge Bowl:  Team 7out of 12

Franklin, Nikki

Davis, Ashley

Warfield, Jenna

Ghazanffer, Shanza

Nursing Assistant  8 out of 14

Taylor-Sledge, Taijah