Somerset County School District

IMPORTANT BUDGET MEETINGS-     On May 29 at 9 AM there will be a special Board of Education meeting to submit the superintendent's proposed budget. We will review the budget and have about a 20 minute meeting. On June 27 at 9 AM the Board will meet again in an open meeting to adopt the budget for the year.

Board of Education Makes Changes on the 2017-2018 Academic Calendar

Thursday, June 14 will now be a full day for all staff and students.
Friday, June 15 will now be a full day for all staff and students.
Monday, June 18th will be half day for students and full day for staff.
Tuesday, June 19 will be the last day of school, with a half day for students and full day for staff.
As far as our perfect attendance incentive, the cut off will be Friday, June 15, 2018.
To address potential absenteeism of staff and students we will do the following: 
Any staff member that has a vacation or other commitment is to provide proof of such commitment so we can make sure we have proper coverage. Anyone who has documentation of a trip or other situation that is dated prior to April 24, 2018 will be given those days off and no penalty will be assessed. Anyone absent on those days will need to use appropriate sick, personal leave or be docked if no leave remains.
All data needs to be turned into the school based administration ASAP. Information will be sent to the board office, to my attention, to be reviewed. We understand plans were made as we all were told that school must end by the 15th of June. As a system, we are not going to penalize people due to the denial of the waiver.
For students who provide documentation of trips they will be marked with an excused absence. Every student absent on the 18th and 19th will be marked appropriately.
If there are any questions please see your school based administration and please be patient as we work through this change.