Somerset County School District

IMPORTANT BUDGET MEETINGS-     On May 29 at 9 AM there will be a special Board of Education meeting to submit the superintendent's proposed budget. We will review the budget and have about a 20 minute meeting. On June 27 at 9 AM the Board will meet again in an open meeting to adopt the budget for the year.

Washington Academy & High School Team to Participate in International SeaPerch Underwater Robotics Competition

The SeaPerch National Committee  announced that the 8th International SeaPerch Challenge will be held June 1-3, 2018 at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth in North Dartmouth, Massachusetts.
"The SeaPerch Remotely Operated Vehicle educational program was inspired by the 1997 book, Build Your Own Underwater Robot and other Wet Projects, by Harry Bohm and Vickie Jensen. A SeaPerch is an educational tool and kit that allows elementary, middle, and high-school students to construct a simple, remotely operated underwater vehicle, or Remotely Operated Vehicle, from polyvinyl chloride pipe and other readily made materials. The SeaPerch program is a curriculum designed program that teaches students basic skills in ship and submarine design and encourages students to explore naval architecture and marine and ocean engineering concepts. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sea Grant College Program created the SeaPerch initiative in 2003, and it is sponsored by the Office of Naval Research, as part of the National Naval Responsibility for Naval Engineering to find the next generation of Naval Architects, Marine Engineers, Naval Engineers, and Ocean Engineers."