Somerset Intermediate School and Crisfield High School Students join Forces with the Membership of Elks Lodge #1044 and American Legion Post #16 to Honor Our Veterans

Veteran special education teacher Cynthia Taylor has organized the Somerset Intermediate students and process for nine years. She said, “Students need to understand that their freedoms and way of life in this country are not just given to them at no cost. They are a gift that others have sacrificed for them to have.  Through our program, they get to learn from men and women who have bravely served our country as protectors, warfighters and peacekeepers in order for them to live the way they do in this country. They also learn about military culture and the different branches of the military.  Most important it shows the veteran’s in our community that our students care and are truly thankful for their service, if only by serving them breakfast and saying Thank You.”