Supervisor of Instructional Technology Jill Holland has announced the Pending Fall Techxpo set for September 29.

Essentially, there will be two technology sessions and a health fair visit for whatever part of the day you are scheduled for Techxpo.  SESSIONS ARE IN MY LEARNING PLAN NOW:  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU SIGN UP.  Sessions are scheduled to have a maximum of 28 people  and some sessions may necessitate a visit from IT to make sure you have appropriate software to participate so please sign up early.  You may have received suggestions from your principal or supervisor regarding sessions that would be beneficial for you:  sign up for those first :-)  All sessions are labeled as either elementary or secondary and as either session 1 or session 2 (and color coded) so you should be able to search in MLP using either of those queries.  Finally, please write down or print out your sessions so you know what you signed up for on the day of Techxpo. 
Finally, please make sure you bring your laptop and charger on the day of Techxpo.  Staff that are expected to attend should all have laptops so we do not anticipate having spare laptops available.  If you have a special circumstance, please let me know as soon as possible. 
We're looking forward to an excellent pd and we hope you find the sessions useful.  Have a great day!  See the attachment indicating classes being offered and other related details.