News from the Deputy Superintendent of Schools- High Schools Transition to Six-Period Day Schedule

"The committee determined that moving to a six-period day would provide more opportunities for all students to be successful.  Some of the benefits of moving from a seven period day are:
  1. ·         An increase of 12 minutes in instructional time per period, which over the course of a year is an increase of 36 hours of instructional time or 18 hours in a semester course.
  2. ·         A student’s course load per day is six, decreasing the amount of work they are responsible for after class.
  3. ·         The creation of semester courses for students who have failed a course, which will allow them additional opportunities to retake the course and graduate with their peers. 
  4.           The semester courses also allowed for our honors students to complete some classes within a semester, thus allowing them more opportunities to take courses that they may not have been able to take.
We will continue to evaluate and make changes to both our programs and our delivery of courses as we strive to create the best learning environment for our students.
Let me know if you have any questions.
Tom Davis, Deputy Superintendent of Schools