Hear the Maryland Crunch-Crisfield Academy & High School

Hear the Maryland Crunch


SCHOOL WIDE POSTER CONTEST: All students will be invited to design a poster on white card stock provided by the nurse! The poster MUST show the importance of eating a good breakfast to help with learning. It should include a red apple somewhere on it and it should say the logo “Hear the Maryland Crunch!” The winner will receive a $20.00 Subway gift card. The second place winner will receive a $15.00 Subway card and third will receive a $10.00 Subway card. Please see the nurse for your card stock! ALL entries must be to the nurse by the end of the school day on Monday!   All entries will be hung in the cafeteria for the apple crunching on Tuesday the 7th at 9:15.


Thursday, March 2:

     Apple Peeling Day: Give 10 students on each lunch an apple.

     In addition, they race to peel and the first one done wins…and they

     can only use their teeth! They can hold the apple with their hands.

     There will be one winner each lunch shift. They will have 1 minute

     to peel their apple.


Friday, March 3:

     Apple Eating Day: Hang 10 apples per lunch from ceiling and

     the students have to eat the apple without using their hands.

     And the first student in a 2 minutes to have the most apple

     eaten wins! There will be one winner each lunch shift.


Monday, March 6:

     Apple Pie Eating Day: We will give six students each lunch

     shift a mini apple pie and they will not use their hands and

     the first one completely finished eating the pie will win! Therefore, there will be

     one winner each lunch shift.


Tuesday, March 7:

     Eat breakfast to receive a ticket for crunch at 9:15 am


     Students report to cafeteria at 8:45 with their tickets for the crunch.

     “Hear the Maryland Crunch” at 9:15 am


     Lunch: We will have 10 students enter an apple coloring

     contest. Each student will receive a page to color and they

     will have 1 minute to color. The one that completes the

     page will win! Has to be neat! Mr. Holland will pick winner!

     There will be one winner per lunch shift!