Nine Somerset Intermediate 7th Graders Have Poems Published.

What My Family Means To Me”


Family means the world to me,

We fight, we make up and repeat.

Saying sorry can be as hard as concrete,

Without my family, I’d be incomplete.


I cherish the moments we have,

We’re like a circle,

The connection never ends.

Why get mad? When family’s all we have.


We’re full of love and laughter,

Sometimes they make me insane,

We are very happy, that’s what matters,

I guess we’re all just the same.


“The World As I See It"



The world is in such a struggle,

I go outside and look up,

Oh, wow! It’s a beautiful blue sky!

The sun shining so bright,

They make my world right.


The world is in such a struggle,

But, my dear, I’ll be all right.

I will seek the sun to find courage in myself,

To make this world a better place.


The world is in such a struggle,

Freedom gives me the right to do

The little things I do

Which can make the world a safer place.



The world is in such a struggle,

The world is just so busy now days,

A lot of things going on,

It’s not a joke

The things that are going on.


The world is in such a struggle,

Let’s help each other,

Make the world a safer place,

Let’s plant things and

Balance our lives

To make this world a better place.



“What My Family Means To Me”



 My family keeps me safe

  From dangers that await

My family keeps me warm

From the coldest storm

My family gives me strength

To go the extra length

My family dedicates their time

For mine.




“What Family Means To Me!”


- Family means the world to me,

It is like One Big Cell it shall be,

My mother is the nucleus,

She directs us in the right way in life,

My Stepfather Is the Cell membrane,

He gets to decide who comes into and out of my life.

My older brother is the cell wall,

Therefore, he gives me the strength and stiffness to go on.

My younger brother is the Golgi apparatus

He helps with the preparing the food and putting it on the table.

That is why they are like cells

They make up the parts in my body

Such as my big nice heart,

And my lungs and vocals to thank them everyday

For what they mean and do for me.

If I had decide whom was my favorite I could not chose

Because I love them all equal (but maybe my mom even more!)




What My Family Means To Me


My family is a hole

But they make you whole

We may not be the richest

But after a visit you’ll be in stitches

We may fuss and fight

But we always make everything just right

My family is a hole


My family fills the abyss

And every time I hear “Sis!”

I always come running

There is no need for shunning

We have each other’s backs

Inside our little shack

My family fills the abyss


My family keeps each other stable

By having, us sit around the table

And ask, “How was your day?”

We’re enough to make you want to stay

Or run away

My family keeps each other stable












“What My Family Means To Me”   



Family is love and life,

They’re like planets and I am there Sun,

They make me feel happy and loved,

I will do anything to make them feel the same way,

They mean the world to me and I would never stop them,

I will always be there for them but I will always love them no matter what happens,

They are family,

In addition, Family should be loved forever,

People would wonder why somebody would replace a family,

However, if something does go down, I will still love them,

I get affection and I give it back,

Family is timeless and are always there,

No matter what, they are forever,

Anything they do for me is a part of me that never goes away,

Family is key for a good life,

You will get inspired by them to do something great,

Love is what their built on,

All I ever wanted was them

They hold memories together,

They encourage me to do great

Sometimes I wonder how they do it,

Nothing can stop me from the love they hold in me,

I smile for them every day,

I trust them with every secret,

I want to open people's eyes and show them a family,

How family is motivating and one-of-a-kind,

They have enlightenment in me, and in everyone else,

This is what a family means to me,

They are the world to me.



“The World As I See It”



The World as I see it,

I see people and family,

But with that, I see sadness and death,

Wars and fights never getting better,

The world needs to change or we will need,

So much more than what we get,

People need to help and find a way,

To make our world become a better place,

I also see good things like friends and love,

The good things we need in life,

I see happy marriages and families alike,

This is what our world needs to become,

A better place for you and me,

But a better place for everyone:

This is how I see it, and right now all I see,

Trust in most people,

Help is always needed,

Excitement is happening everywhere,

Wars are always getting worse and need to be stopped,

Overpower is getting to bad,

Real life is happening right before your eyes,

Love is in most people,

Dads are free to see their kids,

Ageless people are taking life too far,

Soulless people are never coming out of jail,

Independent people are living their lives in peace,

Sweetness is very rare to see,

Eager is in every person, to have or to become someone,

Emotion is very common but sometimes rare,

Innocent is always the way to go,

Together we stand for better lives for all,

We stand together through everything that might hit us,

We are going to stand together or we will have to pay,

No matter what we will fight, we will live and we will have freedom for all,

And the cost does not matter to us.

This is what we, the people need to become.

A person of peace and a person for life.​


“What My Family Means To Me”


My family is my everything,

They mean world to me,

Without them I would never know,

Who I’m supposed to be,

They keep me right,

And make sure that I am always okay,

I see them and tell them

I love them every day.

They are by my side,

No matter what I’m going through,

At the end of the day,

I’m glad I come home to you.




“What My Family Means To Me”


  My family is like collectables,

  To me they’re one of a kind,

My mother to lead me,

 Because in this world, I feel so blind;

My brother to challenge and help

Keep a fine state of mind;

My Aunts to bake goods

And be o so kind;

My Uncles to play sports

And make sure my grades are in line;

Last, but not least,

My loving grandmother,

 To love me and help me love others.



“What My Family Means To Me”


12 years of experience.

Though, nothing really learned.

Just thinking of some things.

That I really yearn.

My life began at 2.

When I was put up for foster care.

Brother, sis and I.

Life was really unfair.

Came across two people.

A woman and a man.

Laid eyes on us,

They knew the plan.

Signed some papers,

Took all of us.

Split us up again.

Yet, too young to put up a fuss.

I knew it was just/

Brother and sis went to the city.

Other sis went to Cali.

I was alone.

And played rather unhappily.

Met my adopted brother.

Never really got along.

But he was really all I had.

And this didn’t prolong.

Dad and bro got in a fight.

 Got sent away to college.

Then I was alone again.

Here came the suffrage.

All alone for one more year.

Then came school.

Met so many people.

Yet alone, because school was just so cruel.

Mom and dad left for the day.

Yes, I shed a tear.

Throughout the whole day.

With strangers, I was filled with fear.

Then came along kindergarten.

Then 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

Never did I know the pain.

That 4th, 5th and 6th, I gained.

Over these 12 years.

I’ve had so much experience.

Love, hate, drama and friends.

Life had no particular balance.

Over these 12 years,

My family has been there for me.

My brother has come yet again.

Never did I know.

That this would be the key.

2016 has been a trip.

Rollercoaster of feelings.

Relations and friendship.

They have been there through it all...

My family means so much to me.

As they do care a lot.

I am so grateful.

To have a family.