Troy Brittingham, Jr. is a New Board of Education Member.

Mr. Brittingham is no stranger to Somerset County Public Schools having worked as a Finance Department Intern in 2012, as a long term substitute teacher from 2011-2012, and  as a Home and Hospital Teacher since 2012.  He has experience as a mentor and counselor working with students in a number of capacities.
     He is a busy professional.  However, he said, “I decided to run for a seat on the Somerset County Public Schools Board of Education because I am a product of the County and I am ready to reinvest my time and energy in helping to move the county forward.  The students are my #1 focus because they are our future leaders.  I want to give back to the school system that helped make me  who I am today.”  His goals center on Parent Involvement, Student Achievement and Career Readiness and Diversity.   He said, “My goals as a Board member are intertwined with my goals for the school system especially with student achievement being the number one focus.  My goal would be to see what ways we can continue to improve our students and staff by working as a team.”
     Mr. Brittingham was named WBOC TV Employee of the Year in 2015.  Although he works a full time job and contracts his services to many local organizations, he finds time for his family.  His father, Troy Brittingham, Sr. is a  bus driver for the school system and is a professional truck driver.  Angela Brittingham is his mother and is a veteran of Somerset County Public Schools presently working as a School Administrative Associate II at Somerset Intermediate School.  Mr. Brittingham’s sister is DeAuvione Brittingham.  She is an honor student at Crisfield High School and serves as a Student Board member from the southern part of the county.