State Comptroller Peter Franchot to Present Silver Hammer Award to Deal Island Elementary School for Excellence in Building Maintenance

    As a member of the Board of Public Works, which approves the state's annual Public School Construction Program, Comptroller Franchot is proud of the state's unprecedented capital investments in education.  However, state and local governments continue to feel the severe effects of our national recession, and in these times of tough choices, there is simply a lack of money to meet all new construction priorities. Comptroller Franchot said, “In order to maximize the lifespan of our state's existing public school facilities and to ensure that children who attend school in older buildings have the same positive learning experience as their counterparts in newer ones, we must renew our commitment to superior public school maintenance.”
      Through the Comptroller's visits to public schools across the state, he has seen many examples of effective maintenance, including simple and affordable investments like a fresh coat of paint, new carpeting or a good power washing.  In addition to providing communities with a renewed sense of pride in their schools, research has confirmed the obvious that clean, attractive and comfortable facilities have  a positive impact on student performance.