United Way Activities at Woodson Elementary School

Kissing the Pig- On October 19, Principal Kirstin Gibson and Assistant Principal Robert Hopkins  kissed a pig at a school-wide assembly in front of the school as part of United Way fundraising.  The week of October 24-October 28 is Spirit Week at the school. 
SPIRIT WEEK  One of the school's United Way Coordinators  Jill Price said, "We will be celebrating SPIRIT WEEK all this week.    The activities are as follows  Monday - Career Day; Tuesday - Hat Day; Wednesday - Wacky Hair Day; Thursday - Jersey Day; Friday - Pajamas Day.  *Uniforms are required on Tuesday & Wednesday and uniform bottoms are required on Thursday." 
Duct Tape:  She also stated, " On  Friday October 20, we will be taping Assistant Principal Terra Taylor to the wall outside of Mr. Hopkin's office (in front of the cafeteria).    Ms. Taylor will be taped during lunch shifts, so everyone will have a chance to see her as they pass to and from lunch.  You may also choose to walk your class by at the end of all shifts to see the final results! 
These activities are successful fundraisers for United Way.  Woodson is also working toward 100% participation in its staff donating to the United Way Campaign.