Crisfield High School's SADD Oranization has a Busy Fall Schedule Planned

The organization’s faculty advisor school nurse Lynne Brumley said, “Friday, October 28th is our fall blood drive! This blood drive will be at the school in the small gym and will run from 7:00 am until 1:30 pm for appointments. If you are a walk in you should be there before 1:00 pm. You must be 17 to donate! You can call me at the school and make an appointment or you can go online and schedule your appointment yourself! It is very important for us to get over 100 donated pints of blood from both blood drives this year (fall and spring) as the Blood Bank of Delmarva will give us $500.00 to use as scholarship money! This will allow us to give one male and one female senior $250.00/each in scholarship money! So... please help us reach our goal! Call and make your appointment as soon as possible! The school number is 410-968-0150 and ask for the nurse's office.


On Halloween (Monday, October 31st) night, from 4:30 to 7:30 pm, while the kiddies are Trick or Treating...SADD will sponsor its first ever Halloween Photographic Scavenger Hunt. This event is open to the public and you DO NOT have to be a SADD member to participate! All proceeds from this event will go to the school's United Way Campaign. Here is how it works...registration will begin at 4:00 pm in front of the school, teams should have up to 4 team members and one team member MUST have a cell phone that takes pictures/videos, your team must be on foot (those that drive will be disqualified as there will be little ones all over Trick or Treating), each team will pay $25.00 to enter their team in the hunt, you will have 2 pages of items you must find and photograph, we will release all teams at the same time as to not create better opportunities for one team over another, the FIRST team back with all the pictures/videos will win and pictures/videos must be verified with an event staff person! Prizes will be given to FIRST, second and third place teams! This is a fun event and will be fun for all participants. So, get your team together and get ready to hunt! Teams must check back in at the school before 7:30 pm. Make this a HUNTINGLY good Halloween! And can get a team together too...come out and beat out your kids!


On Thursday, November 10th SADD will hold its Second Annual Cook Off in the school cafeteria. We will start the event at 6:00 pm. The categories this year will be soups, chowders, chili, stew, desserts, and main dishes. The forms to enter your favorite dish are available at the school or via email. We need your entries to make this a successful event and would like all entry forms in by October 8th. Last year this event was terrific and we are hoping for a bigger event this year! It is a SADD fundraiser and all proceeds will go to the SADD general fund! Here's how it works: People enter their favorite dish in one or more of the categories. Each dish is set up and has its own space in the cafeteria but please have your dish in a crock pot if it is to be served hot. There will be a collection jar or box in front of each dish, you pay $5.00 to come in and eat. ANY of the entries, toppings and garnishments will be provided as well as drinks. You eat and eat and eat.... then you take your change or cash and put it in the jar/box in front of your favorite dish. Each penny counts as a vote so the dish that has the most money in their jar/box at the end of the night will be declared the winner!!!! So, bring lots of extra change or bills to vote with. We had so many entries last year and looking to expand. So, mark your calendar and come on out for a great night of food and fun! And let me assure you...there are some GREAT cooks in our county!!! If you would like to enter a me at or send me a private message here and I will get you an entry form. Note: We do not make you release your recipes but we do ask on the entry form that you enter any allergens so we can prevent exposure to said allergens. Ask someone who went last year...YUMMY!


So you ask yourself...How can you help SADD? We just posted three ways. Please help us be successful at all of our events! Thank you and again...PLEASE SHARE the information with your family and friends! ​”