Deal Island Teacher to be Honored as one of Maryland's Top Teachers

    Kolby Noble teaches 4th and 5th grades math and science and Gifted and Talented classes at Deal Island Elementary School.  She has been teaching for 8 years.   Noble obtained both her Bachelor’s & Master's Degree from Salisbury University. As a teacher and  a product of growing up in Somerset County, Ms. Noble realizes the challenges in our county, but understands that educators should not "lower our standards for students."

     She  is a highly effective teacher  inside and outside the classroom.   As a teacher at Princess Anne Elementary School, she  initiated the Disney Planet Challenge where Princess Anne students cared for over 1,000 oysters at Janes Island State Park.  Noble's students helped to raise $500 for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, receiving the Tawes Award for placing 1st in the state with improving the Chesapeake Bay.   Her students placed 3rd in a national  Math Bowl, and most recently her efforts to help students raise more than $4,000 currently placed her class second in the nation for the Lemonade War national challenge to fight childhood cancer.