Students Return to School on August 29

The students looked great and the staff members, parents and students greeted each other warmly.  They came back to clean and safe schools which boasted many facility upgrades. Food and nutrition services provided breakfast and lunch free of charge.  As usual, bus contractors brought the students safely to school and returned with them home in the evening in the same manner.  Maintenance men had the infrastructure operating well.  School administrative associates helped parents, students and staff from early morning until later in the day.  School nurses were on duty and were providing help from the start.  In addition, learning support specialists, school counselors, social workers and school psychologists provided an array of assistance to students and all within the greater school community.  The technology department had the large amount of technological devices ready for teachers to use with their students and for staff to use for administrative purposes. Paraprofessionals worked with students and provided assistance much needed by the teachers.    Opening day went smoothly.