Energy Conservation Program Reached Milestone- Nearing Three Million Dollars in Cost Avoidance

Todd wrote, "Since April 2008, we have saved approximately 21,985,128 kilowatt hours (KWH) of electricity. Currently, a kilowatt-hour cost approximately $0.13. 

I have attached a copy of: 1. Cost Avoidance Summary By School for the Month of  July 2016; 2. Cost Avoidance Summary by School from April 2008 through July 2016; and 3. CAP 21 Report, which shows the progress of our program by year through July 2016.

 Thanks to everyone for helping to make these savings possible.  With the continued commitment of everyone, we should reach the $3 million dollar mark in cost avoidance savings sometime this school year."  Click on the attachments for specific information.