Cheryl O'Neal is Named Supervisor of Special Education


Ms. O’Neal has a Bachelor’s Degree in K-12 Special Education from Hood College, a Master’s of Arts in Communicative Disorders and classes toward administrative and supervisory certification at Salisbury University.

    Ms. O’Neal wrote, “During our 12 years at Greenwood Elementary we have had numerous causes for celebration as our students excelled in all areas, the students in our fine arts and after school programs demonstrated their talents and we supported several charities annually.  Our first huge accomplishment was bringing together the staff and community from two different schools to develop the philosophy, expectations, vision and branding of our new school.  During the process we were also working with the Chesapeake Coalition of Essential Schools and became a fully affirmed Coalition school after three years of intense professional development.  Greenwood was one of thirty schools in the state of Maryland in 2011 named a Title I Distinguished High Performing Reward School.  In the last couple of years our Kindergarten program was accredited by the state of Maryland and the Pre-K program has been published at a level 5 certification with MD EXCELS.  Developing a "Culture of Readers" continues to be a major goal.  Learning to read and finding what you love to read are huge gifts that we can give our children.”

     She has two main goals including providing more inclusive opportunities for young children and supporting students as they transition to post-secondary experiences and the work force.

     Deputy Superintendent of Schools Tom Davis said, “Mrs. O’Neal brings an instructional strength to this position that will bridge the work between regular education and special education.  This connection will be critical to the academic success of our students with learning disabilities.”