WES Principal Lilly Welch is Now Supervisor of Reading, World Language and ELA (English and Language Arts)


Ms. Welch has served in numerous capacities during the last twenty years including a special education paraprofessional at Whittington Primary School, a grade one teacher, reading coach and principal at Princess Anne Elementary School and principal of Woodson Elementary School. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, a Master’s Degree in Reading and an administrative endorsement. 

Ms. Welch wrote, "It was very rewarding to be the principal of the school in which I was a student. Although it was a middle school when I went through it was still quite humbling. I am most proud of the in-county leaders that have been cultivated under my principalship. Several of the APs have become principals and numerous teachers have assumed formal and informal leadership roles in Somerset.  Our staff have been proactive in seeking additional grant funds to enhance our current programs over the years as interventions or enrichments." 

     In her new capacity, she expressed four goals including building collaboration among teachers, providing high quality professional development to staff, using technology as a tool to support development of reading and writing skills and integrating more research based intervention and enrichment programs in PK-Grade 12.

     Deputy Superintendent Tom Davis said, “Mrs. Welch brings a data-driven mindset to the ELA Supervisory position.  Her instructional background and passion for learning will drive the necessary supports provided to all teachers at every level.”