Wellness Activity Site Winners and Individual Winners Announced

     " Princess Anne had the most participants with 36, followed by Somerset Intermediate with 30, Woodson with 29, Central Office with 17, Greenwood with 12, Crisfield with 10, Ewell/Marion/Tawes with 7, Deal Island with 5, and Washington with 4. Woodson Elementary School led the way with a total average of 271 miles per walker. Greenwood Elementary School was close behind with 250 miles per walker. In third was Somerset Intermediate School with 238 miles per walker. In fourth was Princess Anne Elementary School with 233 miles per walker. Next was the Board of Ed with 207 miles per walker, followed by the combined team of Ewell/Marion/Tawes with 188 miles per walker. In seventh was Crisfield Academy & High School with 182 miles per walker. In eighth was Deal Island Elementary School with 138 miles per walker, followed closely by Washington Academy & High School with 135 miles per walker."
     "......... Our overall top walker was Lupita Olivares from Woodson with 820.14 total miles. She will receive a prize to include a FitBit, laptop sleeve, Red Lobster gift card, and some other health and wellness items. We would also like to recognize the top walker at each of the other locations. From Greenwood, we have Stephanie O’Hara with 676.18 miles. From Somerset Intermediate, we have Kristen Thomas with 639.26 miles. From Princess Anne, we have John Nelson with 631.14 miles. From the Central Office, we have me with 457.97 miles. From the combined team of Ewell/Marion/Tawes, we have Virginia Corbin with 352.28 miles. From Crisfield, we have Georgia Justis with 319.25 miles. From Deal Island, we have Michele Messick with 285.8 miles. And, finally, from Washington, we have Emily Knuth with 216.51 miles. Each of these winners will receive a gift bag to include a Subway gift card and some health and wellness goodies!"