Six Somerset County Public Schools Retirees were Recognized at the Annual Staff Recognition Ceremony on June 15, 2016

 Arlene Ginn- Science teacher at Washington Academy and High School- five years in the county- 38 years in other school systems.
Retire July 1, 2016
 Benita Hudson-Assistant Principal at Greenwood Elementary School-38 years of service-Retired January 1, 2016
Carol Dennis-Paraprofessional at Princess Anne Elementary School- 20 years of service-Retire July 1, 2016
Conal Turner-Supervisor of Workforce Development and Community Programs-52 years of experience-Retire July 1, 2016
 Donald Whittington-Business education teacher at J.M. Tawes Career and Technology Center- 43 years of service-Retire July 1, 2016
 Sarah Gerald-Food and Nutrition Services Employee at Crisfield Academy and High School-19 years of service- Retire July 1, 2016