Somerset County Public Schools and Central Office Donated $38,235 to United Way

 Princess Anne Elementary School with the leadership of Principal Cortney Monar raised and donated $10,035.  The school had 100% of its staff donate.   Site coordinator Jenn Berlin encouraged the Central Office to donate $9,239.  Greenwood Elementary Principal Cheryl O'Neal led her school to a 660% increase in the amount of $4,480.  Crisfield Academy and High School principal Chantal Russum saw her school's percentage increase by 393% to $4,150.  Working with the principal were Vice Principal Jeff Hale, School Nurse Lynne Brumley and English teacher Keisha Evans. Woodson Elementary School Principal Lilly Welch and her team of staff members Kirstin Gibson, Kayla Kinder and Jennifer Thompson worked toward a 193% increase for the amount of $2,364. Washington Academy and High School Principal Sidney Hankerson  and site coordinator Dr. Carla Hodges helped raise $1,296.  J.M. Tawes Technology and Career Center  had an increase of 168% in staff donations. Principal Keith O'Neal  and perennial site coordinator Donald Whittington saw the amount of $1,226 donated to United Way with a 100% staff participation rate. Deal Island Elementary School continues  to increase  each year.  This year school Principal Ted Gibson and his staff donated $1,064. Somerset Promise Academy  and Ewell Elementary School  combined for a total of $1,268. Principals William Johnson and Janet Evans and their site coordinators Ed Weeast and Michelle Bradshaw  were pleased with  staff donations.