Special Education Citizen's Advisory Council (SECAC) Membership Drive and Contest

On October 8th, the Somerset County Public Schools special education department held a state mandated special education citizens advisory council (SECAC) meeting. As most of you know, parent involvement is critical to what we do everyday.  Supervisor of Special Education Dr. Lynnette Johnson said, "We are always trying to bring more parents and staff members in to share in our discussions on how to best educate their children. At this meeting on October 8th, we had  more parents than we usually have.  We also had several staff members present.  Parents of students with special needs have shared some concerns with us during these meetings."  Johnson stated, "Board Vice Chairman Dan Kuebler always finds time to join our meeting. He brings valuable insight to the table."  Johnson emphasizes the special education department wants more staff and parents to attend these meetings.  To help increase the numbers, the special education department is having a SECAC MEMBERSHIP DRIVE. (See  the three (3)attached items.)
 She indicated, "I'm asking that principals send out to distribute this information to  staff to show your support of this endeavor. If there are any questions, please direct them to me.Once the forms are submitted, please keep them in the office. At the conclusion of the contest, one of my staff will compile and see that I get them. Jackie Wheatley and I will meet to review forms and make any contacts if needed. Jackie Wheatley has been diligently trying to involve parents and I'm sure she welcomes any assistance."