Schools Receive Community Foundation Grants

At Woodson Elementary School music teacher Korinne Jones is going to be able to expand the music and band program for her students. Principal Lilly Welch said, "It's going to be so exciting to see how much the students' skills are going to grow this year."  Jones has started a fifth grade band program.   Also, special education paraprofessional Sarah Ward and her SPED partners put their heads together and developed a plan for a Sensory Room for our students.  Welch said, "This is such a huge need for our SPED students. You can expect to look forward to this newly designed space."
The staff at Ewell Elementary School will receive $4,300 from the Community Foundation as well to be utilized to take virtual field trips.  Often travel from the island to the mainland to various destinations is cost prohibitive.  This grant will provide a viable alternative.