Parent/Guardian '22-23 Annual Form Reminder

For accurate state reporting and to ensure adequate funding for the next school year, it is critical that every parent and guardian complete student forms in the PowerSchool Parent Portal online.
The forms are due on Wednesday, 9/28/22.

Click here to log in to the PowerSchool Parent Portal.

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Instructions for completing parent/guardian forms are outlined in below, or in the .pdf attachment at the bottom of the page. Parents/Guardians needing technical assistance, or access to a computer or the Internet should contact their school. 
1) To access the necessary forms, login to your PowerSchool account at:
student parent sign in
2) Select "Forms" from the left side menu.
school form listing
3) On the Forms page, scroll down to the Returning Student Section.
Click on ‘A - Update Student Demographics & Contacts Form’ to begin completing the forms.  All forms listed in this section must be completed.
returning student graphic


To fill out your necessary forms:

1) From the Forms page in PowerSchool, click on the form you would like to complete.

2) Enter in or select the correct answers for all questions in the form.

3) Before submitting, review the information you have entered to verify it is accurate.

4) Click the blue Submit button at the bottom of the screen. You will be automatically routed to the next required form.  submit button

5) Repeat steps 1-4 for all required forms.
new enr form


Documentation is required IF you have 1) changed addresses, 2) your child has updated immunization records, and/or 3) you are enrolling a new student and must submit a School Health Assessment.

To upload documentation:
1. Open the applicable form (either the Update Student Demographics or the Health Information forms).

2. In the Document Attachment section, click the blue Add Document button, then click the blue Browse button and locate the correct file or image on your device. Then click the green Upload button.
doc attachment

  **Trying to upload via an Apple phone or tablet? You will need to register to access this feature the first time. Click the button to sign in, enter a valid email address and a password and then click the Register button.**

4. Repeat Step 3 for all required student documents. Please contact the school with any questions.