Crisfield High School Honors Black History Month with Presentations

Crisfield, MD, Feb. 28, 2020 – Students at Crisfield High School and Academy recently displayed projects in the school’s Black History Lobby Display event. Project themes varied by grade level and included the best projects from the school’s social studies classes. The projects featured historical events and prominent figures in history of African descent.
8th grade students were given the choice of researching several topics related to slavery in the United States and then tasked with writing essays and creating illustrations of their topics. The illustrations were then joined together to form a “story quilt” about life as a slave in the southern states before emancipation in 1865.
9th grade students researched topics related to African-American history on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. A variety of the projects focus on people and events that occurred in Somerset County, highlighting the history of the very community in which the students reside.
10th grade students researched up and coming African American government officials. Each of the individuals researched is the first African American to have been elected to their current or one of their previous government positions.
11th grade students researched individuals of African descent that made an impact on the history of the world. Students submitted papers that outlined the great contributions that Africans have made globally over the course of time.
Students smiling with a quilt
These 8th grade students display the “Story Quilt” made by their social studies class.
girls smiling with project board
These 9th grade students show their project featuring Will Lee, a locally famous African American oyster boat rigger during the time of the seafood boom in Crisfield, Maryland.
girl smiling with project board
This 9th grader shares her project featuring the tragic story of George Armwood of Princess Anne, MD, and how those events relate to the Emmett Till Anti-lynching Act.
girl smiling with poster
This 10th Grader presents her project featuring US Senator, Tim Scott of South Carolina.