Somerset County School District

There will be a public Board of Education  transportation work session next Tuesday July 24th at 4:00P.M. at the Central Office.  It will be held in Conference Room A.

News and Announcements

UDL Training

The UDL Summer Training for Year 2 will be offered on two separate occasions. Each session will consist of a two-day set and the training for both sessions will be identical. Teachers are encouraged to attend one of the two training sessions in order to stay abreast of critical information connected to our systemic professional development plan for Universal Design for Learning. The following session dates should be listed in My Learning Plan for UDL Summer Professional Development:

July 24, 2018 & July 25 2018

August 14, 2018 & August 15, 2018

The sessions will run from 8:00 AM to 2:30 PM with a ½ hour for lunch. All trainings will be held in Conference Rooms A& B at the Board of Education. Any change in location will be communicated as soon as possible. One of these two days of training can be used to satisfy the FLEX Day requirement.

You can contact Mrs. Cheryl O’Neal, Mrs. Tracie Bartemy or Mr. Tom Davis if you have any questions.
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2018 Retirees of the Year


Unit I

Mary Sue Atkinson – 25 Yrs
School Counselor – WES (07/01/2018)

Michele E. Gandolfi – 22 Yrs
Physical Ed. Teacher – WES (07/01/2018)

Nan W. Harrison – 33 Yrs
1st Grade Teacher – PAES (07/01/2018

Karen C. Horner – 42 Yrs
Instructional Facilitator – GES (07/01/2018)

Linda Marie Viens – 10 Yrs 4 Months
Pre-K Teacher – PAES (07/01/2018)

Mary Ellen Willey – 22 Yrs
Pre-K Teacher – PAES (07/01/2018)
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McEductors of the Year

McEducator Award-Baxter Enterprises

 Michele Messick– Deal Island Elementary School
 Stephanie Sproul – Greenwood Elementary School
 Kelly Crockett – Princess Anne Elementary School
 Linda Kinhart– Woodson Elementary School
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2017-2018 Support Employees of the Year

2018 Support Employees of the Year

 2018 Somerset County Public Schools Custodian of the Year- William Johnson (WAHS)
 2018 Somerset County Public Schools FNS Employee of the Year-Doug Nelson (PAES)
 2018 Somerset County Public Schools Paraprofessional of the Year- Debbie Bell (WES)
 2018 Somerset County Public Schools Bus Contractor of the Year-Benita Tilghman (PAES, GES, SIS, WAHS)
 2018 Somerset County Public Schools School Nurse of the Year-Shernita Boyd (PAES)
 2018 Somerset County Public Schools Mid-Level Employee of the Year-Joe Chelton (Central Office)
 2018 Somerset County Public Schools Associate of the Year and 2018 Somerset County Public Schools Support Staff Employee of the Year –Diana Drewer (Central Office)
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Woodson Fourth Graders Raise Nearly $600.00 to Purchase Coats for fellow Students

Woodson Elementary School Principal Kirstin Gibson reports the following………
“This spring I had a fourth grade student asked to have a meeting with me. We had lunch together one day and she explained that she noticed that some students did not have warm coats to wear. She proceeded to ask if she could organize a bake sale to raise money to purchase coats for students. As I asked her questions, she had a plan prepared for advertising, selling, and buying the coats. I was truly impressed as she truly wanted to help others and had developed a business plan! I approved her plan and she got to work. She and her mom started baking cupcakes and goodies and she created posters to advertise her sale. On the first day of sales, she had a line 30+ people long! The student elicited help from three of her friends. The girls sold diligently each morning during homeroom. The fruits of their labor was just short of $600! From there, the student worked with our Administrative Associate, Lee Ann Laird, to pick out coats and uniform sweaters. The items were purchased and are here to distribute in the fall/winter, as the weather turns cool. Attached is a photo of the girls and their purchased items. Principal Kirstin Gibson said, "What affected me the most about this was the fact that our student saw a need, created a plan, and executed it. At no point did she ask for a "shout out" or recognition. She just wanted to make an impact. Students like her are the future leaders of our world.”
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Board of Education Makes Changes on the 2017-2018 Academic Calendar

On Tuesday, May 1 the Somerset County Board of Education voted to extend the school year to June 18th and 19th. This was done due to the denial of our weather waiver request by the Maryland State Board of Education last Tuesday. Due to emergency legislation allowing the school year to be extended, we must now extend to the 18th and 19th. The calendar for those days is below. Click on the title for more information on News and Announcements or Read Full Story on the Popup.
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Tawes Students Have an Outstanding Year in SkillsUSA Competition. Some Students because of their 1st place Gold Medal status are headed for National Competition.

Skills USA Winners
Gold 1st Place
Emily Garpstas Restaurant Service
Edilberto Lovaton Major Appliance Repair and Refrigeration
Second Place: Silver Medal
Eric Ballard: Mobile Electronic Installation and Service *** Eric has been offered to compete at Nationals Since the State Gold Medalist from Parkside cannot go.
Ashley Handy: Entrepreneurship
Kavan Styles: Entrepreneurship
Monae Fountain: Entrepreneurship
Dominique Purnel : Entrepreneurship
Tariq Nicholas-Milbourne : OSHA
Derek Harmon: OSHA
Jason Taylor : OSHA
Shelby Cullen: Promotional Bulletin Board
Aniyah Holden: Promotional Bulletin Board
Takyra Tilghman : Promotional Bulletin Board
Bronze : 3rd Place
Dustin Miles : Mobile Electronic Installation and Service
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Teacher Appreciation-Dr. Richard Warren-Open Letter

"Dear colleagues, "

"It is not a secret that the daily grind of being an educator can be overwhelming and extremely challenging. At times we have long days, long nights, short weekends, and many other unfavorable experiences as educators. Often, we sacrifice our own lives in order to secure a bright future for the students that we educate. However, it is also not a secret that being an educator is one of the noblest professions in the world." Click on the title to read more.
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